Detroit Enamel Lapel Pins

Detroit Enamel Pins

Creat and custom make your own Detroit enamel pins at best price no minimum from Better Finish Company.

Detroit City Views

Detroit is the Motor City. It is a big city in the north of the United States. Located in southeastern Michigan.

Detroit has a population of 680,000.

The Detroit municipal government declared bankruptcy in 2013. It has also become the largest bankrupt city in American history.

Main attractions: Detroit River, Bella Island

Detroit Enamel Lapel Pins

Detroit: Become Human

Do you want a become human lapel pin? We can design it for you no minimum order.

Detroit: Change is an interactive film game with AI theme directed by David Cage.

The game is set in the city of Detroit.

It tells about three bionic people, Marcus, Kara and Connor, who have human consciousness.

Marcus led other robots with the same awareness to demand freedom from human society.

Carla wanted to escape Detroit with her little girl who had suffered domestic violence and other companions.

Connor had doubts in helping to hunt down unusual bionic humans.

The game is full of very strong cyberpunk style.

Design the pin badges coins for the Robots.

We can design different enamel lapel pins for these Detroit robots. It will be very popular.

Design unique silver gold coins for three bionic people. One person per person, limited. An unlimited number of enamel pins orders.