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To leans the meaning of dogs

Design your own custom dog enamel pins

Dogs are associated with death in many cultures.

It symbolizes the guard of the entrance to the underworld.

Or the guide of the soul of the past and the future.

In Egyptian mythology, the God of death is Anubis (_beta_) of the jackal.

At Greek mythology there is Cerberus (_p beta epsilon p_), the guard dog of hell.

In Greek mythology and medieval legends, the goddess of the underworld (the ruler of the moon, magic, ghosts) Hecate (Hakate, _) carries a herd of hell dogs.

It occurs at night at crossroads or forks.

Nordic mythology has the Hell Dog Garm, who monitors the dead who escaped from hell.

In India’s Ringveda, Yama dispatches two dogs (or pigeons) with four eyes to the dead.

Lead the dead to heaven.

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Zoroastrianism believes that after the death of a believer,

His soul passes through the bridge of the end called Chinvat.

At the other end of the bridge, there was a beautiful woman with two dogs.

A young child and a calf are waiting to guide the soul (Avesta Beyond Magic Book 19.30).

By the way, in the murals of the ancient tomb of Hingli in Koguryo Ride,

The cowherd leads the cow while the Weaver Girl leads the dog across the flyover built by the magpie.

Symbolic Meaning of Dog

In Goethe’s Faust, Meifest first appeared as a black poodle.

In Faust’s legend of the 16th century, Dr. Faust always led a dog.

People say that dogs are the incarnation of the devil.

He wrote a trilogy on the Philosophy of Secret. He raises a big black dog on weekdays. It is rumored that the black dog is actually the incarnation of the devil.