Decorate your clothes and hats with elk Lapel Pins

Decorate your clothes and hats with elk Lapel Pins

When we talk about elk, we usually think of the Nordic style.

In fact, the origin of elk is China, which has always been the target of Royal hunting.

It was smuggled into Europe.

Elk, also known as Sibuxiang, is a herd of herbivorous animals.

Jiang Ziya’s mount four in the 90 edition of the “Seal of God” does not resemble the use of elk as a prototype.

In Nordic fairy tales, the elk is the elf of the forest.

Elk is a good companion for human beings, so it is very popular in Nordic countries.

Elk badges and custom patches are also popular with many people.

From the fairy tale world, elk elements have been widely used in life, especially in the northern European home style, elk has been closely associated with us, creating a unique landscape at home.

Elk in the home decoration has been familiar with many people know its status in the home, many people only think that elk is the Nordic style, in fact, it is not. Under the influence of eastern and Western cultures, the decorative meanings of elk are different, and the decorative styles are also different.

Decorate your clothes and hats with elk Lapel Pins


The Book of Rites and the Moon Order records “Meng Dong, Jijiao Jie”. In ancient China, the rulers regarded the elk\’s dehorning as a very auspicious symbol. Antlers come back year after year and are also endowed with a symbol of vigorous vitality, so elk is not only a symbol of status and rights.


In Celtic mythology, Cernunnos is the God of forests, spirits and animals. It symbolizes nature, sun, male, fertility, harvest, death and rebirth. Symbolic implicature represents the spirituality of nature. In the Middle Ages, many European and American families decorated their homes with deer heads, which represented the bravery and strength of their masters, but the way was bloody.