David’s body Enamel Pins

David’s body Enamel Pins

The body statue of David in the badge is considered to be the most famous sculpture in the history of the world. The marble statue is 2.5 meters tall and the base is 5.5 meters tall. Our David’s enamel pins are at cheap price, no minimum order. The custom enamel coins also fashion also cheap, also no minimum.

The statue shows a young and powerful naked man with strong physique, firm expression, full muscles and vitality. It seems to be able to feel the beating of the body and blood vessels of the characters, and highlights David’s tall as a hero. Image, this sculpture was created in 1501-1504 AD, is now collected in the Florence Academy of Fine Arts.

This statue is considered to be one of the most boastful male body statues in the history of Western art. Not only that, but also the emblem of Renaissance humanism. Its praise of the human body, on the surface, is the “revival” of ancient Greek art. In essence, it means that people have been freed from the shackles of the dark Middle Ages and fully realized the great power of human beings in transforming the world.

The emblem of “David” is magnificent and strong in physique, brave and firm in expression. It is an ideal embodiment of all male beauty both externally and internally. It is the common pursuit of humanism in the Renaissance period, the further development of the concept of human beauty in ancient Greece, and the overall realization of the anti-religious hypocrisy, the establishment of human freedom and creative potential.

In the process of making the badge, we injected tremendous enthusiasm. It was not only a badge, but also a symbol of the emancipation of the mind, which was artistically expressed. As the highest realm of Zhang’s works of art, the emblem of David will always radiate endless glory in the history of art.