Cute Skull Soft Enamel Pin Custom Design Cartoon Skull

Cute Skull Enamel Pin

We use the cute cartoon designs to make the custom enamel lapel pins. These cute skull soft enamel lapel pins are very popular in Japan.

Cute Skull Enamel Pin

In the animation, the skeletons are widely used. Apart from “bone pride”, these skeletons are also very popular.

Skeleton modelling and elements are widely used in animation, not limited to the human skeleton model in the laboratory. In many animation costumes and headwear, more characters are added to the pattern, adding dark and mysterious breath.

When people are widely used in marking and small details, they are also very common in the design style of animation characters. The business man most use the cute cartoon designs to make promotion gifts, like the custom design skull lapel pins, top quality skull custom medals, and the double sides cute cheap coins. Some embroidery patches, also use the skull designs. Contact Better Finish company, they can do all these promotion gifts.

Now let Xiaobian take you all to see, those animated popular skeletons, right?

1. “Overlord” is also known as the “bone arrogant sky” animation.

Tells about the popular game but can not log out of the game when it stops operating, the players are trapped in the game, and the NPC in the game also has an independent consciousness, the hero’s game image is a skeleton, from the beginning stood at the top of the pyramid, you can. The image is invincible, and this image is quite enviable. At the end of the first season, everyone is waiting for the return of the second season. Fortunately, it is now determined that the second season is still made by madhouse and will be broadcast in January next year. Your RMB players will come back again!

2. As a member of the Straw Hat Pirate Regiment.

Brooke has not a strong sense of ability and usefulness, but he can be said to be indispensable for leisure and recreation. Every now and then, he creates new music to activate the atmosphere, and his ability to fight can not be underestimated. In particular, Ba GA’s mantra always leads to laughter. Ah! Can this beautiful lady let me have a look at your underwear? I am just a white bone, oh, roar, roar, roar…

3. The death note, “Michael and REM,”

Gave always represented the meaning of death and soul. So most of the images of death are skeletons and dark hooded cloaks. Although Sucker is a villain, his proud and dainty character, the contrasting feeling of eating apples, the strong punk style of dressing and matching are still loved by many netizens. After all, such a god of death is quite human.

4. Honda Sang, a bookstore skeleton clerk

Has just published a comic strip about tv. The story revolves around Honda Sang, a bookstore clerk with skeleton shape, and other strange characters in the bookstore (masked man, transformer…). The characters are different, but the stories are funny and warm. They take you further into the ordinary and interesting stories in the bookstore. And the terrible appearance is also a big contrast, so the so-called “not looking at the appearance” is the truth.

Using the skull, custom design your own personalized gifts, skull lapel pins, skull patches, custom medal coins, and the tie clips are also very cool.

Are there any animated characters that are impressive to you? Welcome to add Oh ~