Customized Conan series hard enamel pins

Customized Conan series hard enamel pins

Do you want to be a smart person? Conan hard enamel pins will bring you wisdom. “Detective Conan” has been updated for more than 20 years, and has not been updated. Although there are many animation endings circulating on the Internet, they are actually fake. They are not real endings. They are all fans’ conjectures about animation, and we don’t need to be considered as good. As we all know, “Conan” is a series of suspense and reasoning animation, in addition to the storyline, the animation for the role of the portrayal, is also done perfectly. Each character is vividly rendered, extremely real, so that people can see it and experience it.

About Detective Conan

Senior high school student detective Kondo Shinichi and his childhood classmate maolilan witnessed the suspicious transaction scene of the man in black when they went to the amusement park to play together. Kudo Shinichi, who only peeks at the transaction, ignores another partner who approaches from behind. He was poisoned by the man. When he woke up, his body shrank! If we let those guys know that Kudo Shinichi is still alive, not only his life will be hard to protect, but also the people around him will be endangered. At the suggestion of Dr. a Li, he decided to conceal his identity. When Xiaolan asked about his name, his pseudonym was Konan edokawa. In order to collect the intelligence of those guys, he stayed at Xiaolan’s home, where his father worked as a detective. Only they use Conan’s hard enamel pins as their code name. In order to reveal the true face of those guys, the intelligent career of a little detective, Konan edokawa, began.

The wisdom of Detective Conan

Detective Conan is a classic animation work that has accompanied us for many years. It is also the only suspense detective animation that let us trace back to the present when we were young. Although it’s very wonderful, because of everyone’s love for the animation, we customized many styles of Detective Conan’s hard enamel pins according to the requirements of the family. Our male leader Conan also became the most intelligent person in many people’s mind because of his super strong reasoning ability. But there are actually two smarter people in Conan than Conan. The first one is huiyuanai, and the other is a genius far beyond Conan. This man is Hongshu. Both of them will have a significant impact on the society and even change the whole society in terms of age and invention.

So how to get Conan’s hard enamel pins

In our life, we need to have wisdom. Use Conan hard enamel pins, a detective, to enrich your life. You are a person who loves life, so come to buy Conan hard enamel pins. This exquisite Conan hard enamel pins is designed for successful you. All kinds of hard enamel pins designed by us will bring you unexpected happiness and auspiciousness. At the same time, you can also customize our factory, other hard enamel pins, the price is also very favorable.