Customized brave leopard Lapel Pins

Customized brave leopard Lapel Pins

Look at this Golden Leopard lapel pins. It’s brave and powerful. It looks like a tiger, but it’s smaller than a tiger. It has a round head, short ears, long tail and powerful limbs. The whole body is covered with round or oval black spots, so it’s called Golden Leopard. The back, the outside of the head and limbs, and the back of the tail are white and the tip of the tail is black. Leopard is a typical forest animal, mainly living in mountainous and hilly areas with forests. The habitat of leopard is diverse, from low mountains and hills to high mountains and forests and shrubs, which are all fixed nests with strong concealment.

Life characteristics of leopard

The leopard is very strong in physical strength, sensitive in vision and smell, alert in temperament, good at swimming and climbing trees, and has become a broad-based, bold and fierce predator. Good at jumping and climbing, generally living alone, night or early morning or evening. He often wanders back and forth in the forest. He is ferocious, but generally does not hurt people. In the absence of prey, it will also hunt livestock. Like cats, leopards will hunt under the cover of dense forest. Leopard is on the top of the food chain. So people like leopard lapel pins.

Men’s favorite leopard Lapel Pins

Now there are many people who especially like leopard print, which is really a beautiful pattern. Leopard skin, with beautiful stripes and soft hair, can be used to make overcoats, sportswear, decorative materials, mattresses, etc., which are extremely expensive. Many people regard wearing a leopard skin coat as a symbol of wealth. But the insatiable human beings hunt and kill leopards wantonly, which makes the number of leopards sharply reduced. Put on the leopard lapel pins and warn us not to kill them again!

Where to buy leopard Lapel Pins

If people like beautiful leopards and want to see them, protect them well! It’s also beautiful to wear a leopard lapel pins on the chest. Please come to our company to customize leopard lapel pins, which will bring you unexpected surprises. At the same time, we can also customize our factory’s other lapel pins, the price is also very favorable. Our various Lapel Pins sell well to other countries because there is no minimum order.