Custom World War II German shield soft Enamel Pins

Custom World War II German shield soft Enamel Pins

The soft enamel pisn in the shape of shield in World War II is a very popular clothing accessory. It is often seen in military clothing. Shield shaped metal soft Enamel Lapel Pins is a symbol of the army. Some medals and commemorative medallions have been popular in Europe and other countries for a long time. Different patterns and characters can be represented by badges, with the identity and occupation of the wearer. Soft enamel pins with the shape of metal shield can be divided into pure gold, pure silver, copper, alloy and iron according to the material. Soft enamel pins with the shape of metal shield during World War II can also be divided into stamping, oil pressure, corrosion and printing badges according to the technology.

Characteristics of soft enamel pins with shield shape

The original embryo of the metal shield lapel pins is the first step to make the Enamel Lapel Pin, soft Enamel Lapel Pins, drop glue badge, printing badge and convex concave badge. The soft enamel pins of the metal shield is processed through the enamel or soft enamel process, and then processed into a beautiful Lapel Pins with various shapes and rich colors. The shield shaped soft enamel pin has a strong sense of three-dimensional and various patterns of layers. It is one of the most frequently used Lapel Pin products among high-end user types. If the shape of the metal shield is not colored, or the manufacturing period will be shorter after the convex and concave patterns are made, it is suitable for the production of large quantities of soft enamel pins.

Do you know the process of making soft enamel pins?

As long as you provide us with the design drawing of the soft enamel pins in World War II, or the real sample photo of the soft enamel pin in the shape of shield, or just some ideas about the soft enamel pin during World War II, we will help you design the soft enamel pins for free according to your ideas, which is suitable for your requirements. Please specify the quantity, size, material and usability of the soft enamel mark that needs to be customized Quality and other related requirements. This information can help us to give you accurate and fast design of soft enamel logo and quotation.

Where do you want to customize World War II soft enamel pins?

If you need to buy custom World War II soft enamel pins, of course, choose our company’s soft enamel pins. These delicate shield soft enamel pins are very beautiful. We will bring you unexpected surprises. At the same time, we can also customize our factory’s soft enamel pins for other events. The price is also very favorable. Our various soft enamel pins are sold to other countries because there is no minimum order.