Custom whale Lapel Pins

Custom whale Lapel Pins

Whale is a completely aquatic mammal. It looks very similar to fish in appearance. Its body length is generally between 1-30 meters. Its skin is bare. There is only a little hair on the snout and thick fat under the skin. These fats help maintain body temperature, and when they live in water, they reduce the body’s weight and are good for swimming. Whale lapel pins are bulky and cute.

Ancestors of whales

The ancestors of lapel cetaceans are likely to be middle mammals of the terrestrial ungulates of North America, Europe and Asia. Some of the members of middle claws are as small as dogs, and some are as tall as bears. However, the evolution process of many animals is small and large, so whales may have evolved from small middle claws. It is speculated that these middle clawed animals, which fish in shallow water, have become various kinds of whales and dolphins in the long evolution process after gradually changing into amphibious life form.

Sonar for whale applications

Sonar is not a patent of human technology. Many animals have their own “sonar”. Lapel Pin whales use sound to detect and communicate. They use much less frequency than dolphins, and they are far away from each other. Other marine mammals, such as seals and sea lions, also emit sonar signals for detection. With this kind of sonar, the lapel pins whale can detect very small obstacles and then catch food,

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