Custom Venus Enamel Pins

Custom Venus Enamel Pins

The Broken Arm Venus statue, from the first day of its discovery, has been recognized as the most beautiful statue of Greek women so far. Our badge is also the most beautiful badge. Our custom Venus lapel pins at cheap price. Our custom Venus coins at top quality.

Over the years, people have poured countless praises and praises on Venus. In the badge, Ai Shen has a dignified and beautiful figure, plump skin, beautiful oval face, straight Greek nose, flat forehead and plump chin, and a calm face, which reveals the idealized tradition inherited from the heyday of Greek sculpture art. Her slightly twisted posture makes her half-naked body form a very harmonious and graceful spiral ascending posture, full of musical rhythm and great charm.

The legs of the goddess in the badge are covered with expressive pleats, showing only the toes, which is thick and stable, and also sets off the beauty of the upper body. Her expression and posture are so solemn and dignified, like a monument; she is so beautiful, showing the most lyrical feminine tenderness and charm. It seems that people can feel that the goddess’s mood is very calm, not a little charming and shy, only pure and elegant. She had a slight smile on her lips, but she did not reveal it, giving people a sense of reserve and wisdom.

Especially amazing is that her arms, although broken, still give a perfect feeling to the carved body, so that later generations of sculptors, after competing to produce replicas of restored arms, all sigh for the feeling of a snake painting. It is the broken arm that seems to evoke people’s better imagination and enhance people’s appreciation.

Instead of pursuing delicacy and delicacy, our emblem production adopts a concise artistic approach, which embodies the youth, beauty and inner virtues of the human body. Great Love Venus badge.