Custom vegetable pepper Enamel Pins

Custom vegetable pepper Enamel Pins

You are straightforward and bold in character. Wearing the hard enamel pins with vegetables and peppers not only greatly improves your personal charm, but also makes you know how to enjoy life better. Capsicum, also known as oxhorn pepper, long pepper, vegetable pepper, lantern pepper, is a one-year or Limited perennial herb of Magnoliaceae, Solanaceae and capsicum. Stem nearly glabrous or puberulent, branches slightly zigzag. Leaves alternate, branches do not elongate and become twins or clusters, oval, ovate or ovate lanceolate, entire, tip short acuminate or acute, base narrowly cuneate; flowers solitary, drooping; calyx cup-shaped, not significantly 5-toothed; corolla white, lobes ovate; anthers gray purple. The fruit stem is thick and drooping; the fruit is long fingerlike, the top is gradually sharp and often curved, green when immature, red, orange or purplish red when mature, spicy. Seeds oblate, pale yellow.

The origin of red pepper is in the tropics

As early as 5000 B.C., the Mesopotamians, that is, the Maya, began to eat pepper, which grew here in 7000 B.C., so pepper can be said to be one of the oldest crops planted by human beings. The annual peppers originally found in mesomerica, including pepper, sweet pepper and Mexican pepper, have been handed down as evidence of the hard enamel pins. The active ingredient in capsicum is a capsaicin compound. When ingested, capsaicin triggers pain receptors, which are designed to alert the body to abnormal temperatures. There is also a large amount of capsaicin in Capsicum to discourage mammals from eating its defense means, because mammalian digestion process usually destroys capsicum seeds and hinders the spread of seeds. Without the receptor of capsaicin, birds will not feel “spicy” and will not destroy the pepper seeds in the process of digestion. So with the help of birds, the seeds of pepper spread far away.

Characteristics of hard enamel pins for vegetable and pepper

At first, Europeans didn’t accept pepper, but they liked to wear pepper hard enamel pin. Pepper entered Antwerp from Spain, then came to Italy in 1526, and then came to England in 1548. According to many theories, it was Muslim businessmen who brought peppers from India through the Persian Gulf to Aleppo and Egypt, and then north to Eastern Europe. Later Turks brought pepper from Asia to Eastern Europe: through the Persian Gulf and Asia Minor and the Black Sea into Hungary, which Turkey conquered in 1526. Then, chili peppers came into Germany from Hungary. Therefore, we have designed a lot of lifelike pepper shapes. Each pepper hard enamel pin has its own unique appearance. It looks delicate and lovely with a white coat or a light scarf. It shows different high-end elegance, amiability and easygoing. The vegetable pepper hard enamel pins is the most suitable match for you.

How to have a hard enamel pins with vegetables and peppers

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