Custom unique crescent Lapel Pins

Custom unique crescent Lapel Pins

Wear a new and unique crescent lapel pins, which not only has a beautiful shape, but also can show your beauty. The new moon is an astronomical phenomenon, which refers to the situation that when the moon moves between the sun and the earth on the first day of each month of the lunar calendar, the moon faces the earth with the dark side, rises and sets with the sun, and the moon cannot be seen on the earth. People can’t see it. At this time, the moon is called “new moon” or “new moon”. After the new moon, the moon gradually moves out of the area between the earth and the sun. At this time, we begin to see a small part of the moon illuminated by the sun, which is shaped like a curved eyebrow, so the moon phase is called “the eyebrow moon”. This “crescent moon” can only be seen in the western sky in the evening. So our moon lapel pins is the shape of a new moon.

Astronomical explanation of the new moon

The original meaning of the word “new moon” is the first eyebrow moon seen after the Moon joins the sun. This happens before the sun sinks on the western horizon, a short period of time after sunset. Therefore, the date of the new moon and the exact time when the event can be seen are closely related to the geographical location of the observer. The astronomical new moon, sometimes called the black moon, to avoid confusion, by definition, occurs when the sun and the moon have the same yellow longitude, and the moon is invisible from the earth. This moment is unique and has nothing to do with location, and in some cases it will have eclipses. Therefore, such astronomical phenomena provide our designers with good imagination and design this new moon lapel pins.

New moon Lapel Pins

The appearance of the first quarter moon and the second quarter moon, the crescent moon and the last quarter moon are similar, but their appearance time, position and bright face orientation are different. The crescent moon and the first quarter moon appear in the West sky in the evening and the first half of the night respectively. Their “faces” are towards the west, i.e. the west half is bright; the last quarter moon and the last quarter moon appear in the East sky at dawn and the second half of the night respectively, and their “faces” are towards the East, i.e. the east half is bright. Since the date of the Chinese lunar calendar is set according to the phase of the moon, the working people in ancient China sometimes rely on it to judge the date of the lunar calendar and the approximate time of the night. The average time for the moon to return to the new moon position is 29.53 days, that is to say, the average cycle of moon phase change is 29.53 days, which is called a “new moon”. The new moon lapel pins is the first and second quarter moon.

Buy a unique crescent Lapel Pins

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