Custom Unicorn Enamel Lapel Pins

Custom Unicorn Enamel Lapel Pins

Let the magic Unicorn Lapel Pins bring you powerful power. Unicorn is a Western myth, a mythical creature. Now the unicorn in Western mythology looks like a white horse with a spiral horn on its forehead, representing nobility, pride and purity. In other stories, it is described that it has a pair of wings, and the prototype of the Western Unicorn has been recognized as the Indian rhinoceros.

The story of Unicorn

Unicorn, in ancient myths and legends, there is an animal with a single horn in the middle of its head. In Western legend, unicorn’s horn has the function of detoxification. Many people take the opportunity to sell the powder of unicorn’s horn. Unicorn has been loved by the public since its appearance. The earliest Unicorn images are Albrecht Durer’s works and related tapestries in the middle ages, then the rotten posters of the new century or even children’s T-shirts or lapel pins. They are everywhere. However, most people only see its strange appearance. In fact, the story behind this magical creature is also fascinating.

Magical Unicorn Lapel Pins

Unicorn is a symbol of the beast, unicorn lapel pin is often on behalf of purity. However, they are also said to have another characteristic – narcissism. Vanity and self appreciation in front of the mirror are also characteristics that people give unicorn. Some believers believe that unicorns pull shiny shit and fart is a rainbow. Such a beautiful unicorn image has won people’s love and become the material of people’s creation and unicorn lapel pins.

Let’s customize our magical Unicorn Lapel Pins

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