Custom umbrella shape rain gear hard enamel pins

Custom umbrella shape rain gear hard enamel pins

Rain must be umbrella, umbrella shape rain gear hard enamel pins is very beautiful. Umbrella is a kind of tool for shading or sheltering rain and snow. It is usually made of oilpaper, oilcloth or plastic cloth. Umbrella in English comes from umbra in Latin, which means shade and shadow. The materials used to make umbrellas usually include malleable cloth, and other materials and threads that can be used as skeletons. When it is used, the umbrella is raised by hand. Although the main purpose of the umbrella was to block the sun when it was originally invented, it is most often used as a tool to block the rain in rainy days. The other functions of umbrella include as decoration, crutches and even weapons. The old brand of liangsuji umbrella in Hong Kong is one of the umbrellas that can be used as weapons.

The invention and origin of umbrella

It’s said that Yunshi, Luban’s wife, is also a craftsman. She is the inventor of the umbrella. The first umbrella she gave her husband was used when she went out to build a house for others. The word “umbrella” has appeared for a long time. She probably made an umbrella that can hold together. Who invented the umbrella? There have been different opinions on this issue. In England, umbrellas were used only in the 18th century. Umbrellas were once used by women to express their attitude towards love. Put up the umbrella to show that you are faithful to love; hold the open umbrella in your left hand to show that “I don’t have free time now”. Shake the umbrella slowly to show that you have no confidence or distrust; lean the umbrella on your right shoulder to show that you don’t want to see you again. By the 19th century men began to use umbrellas. Because of the rain in England, umbrella is an indispensable part of British life. It has become a symbol of the traditional British way of life and a necessary thing for London businessmen and officials. As a symbol of the British people, John Bull has an umbrella in his hand. It is also indispensable in literary works and movies. The British umbrella museum was established in 1969, and a large number of hard enamel pins for umbrellas were also produced. There are many other uses for umbrellas. Umbrellas are sometimes used as weapons.


Cultural Implication

A small umbrella is not only a common rain gear, but also the essence of umbrella culture “love” – love of family, love of warmth, love of life, love of market and love of nature. In the hot sun and drizzle, the mother holding the umbrella is waiting for her children to leave school. The umbrella is full of the mother’s love for the children, and the eyes are full of the mother’s earnest hope. Love and hope play the umbrella of maternal love. The umbrellas in the city are turning around like the popular songs. Silk umbrellas, paper umbrellas, butter umbrellas, black cloth umbrellas, folding umbrellas, charming flower umbrellas, lattice umbrellas, UV proof umbrellas, paper umbrellas These continuously renovated umbrellas are no longer ordinary rain gear. Wearing hard enamel pins on umbrellas is a sign of beauty, making people younger and beautiful, and a love of life.

How to have a hard enamel pins with the shape of an umbrella

There is a vivid watercolor painting: a clear stream between the green mountains, a graceful young girl with a beautiful and elegant flower silk umbrella Pavilion curling through the stream. The pure, simple, bright and elegant style suddenly flows into the viewer’s heart. When the umbrella moves gently, the plucked heart string also plays a beautiful and classical music, which is the rhythm of umbrella music. Welcome to customize our company’s umbrella shape hard enamel pins, we will help you design the umbrella shape hard enamel pins free of charge according to your ideas, which is suitable for your requirements. Please specify the number, size, material, use nature and other relevant requirements of the hard enamel pins to be customized. These information can help us to design the umbrella shape hard enamel pins and offer you an accurate and fast price.