Custom UFO Lapel Pins

Custom UFO Lapel Pins

Wearing a flying saucer lapel pins on your chest gives you some mysterious color. Flying saucer is an unidentified flying object. Abbreviation: UFO refers to an object with unidentified origin, unidentified nature, floating and flying in the sky. Since the 1940s, a disk aircraft with light will be found over the United States. At that time, newspapers called it “elliptical light-emitting body”. This is the beginning of contemporary interest in UFOs. Later, people see that there are many UFOs around the world Reports of UFOs. UFO has become a popular topic.

The origin of UFO

Flying saucers are from the air force’s blue book program. The first person in charge of the program is Captain Edward Rupert, who officially invented the term “UFO”. UFO is recorded in the ancient book of Western Jieshu in Europe. UFO phenomena can be divided into four categories: misidentification of known phenomena, unknown natural phenomena and unknown natural creatures. The fourth category refers to the aircraft with obvious intelligent flight ability but not made by human beings on earth, which is the flying saucer of alien civilization. The appearance of flying saucer lapel pins is small and lovely, vivid and lifelike.

Power source of flying saucer

The flying way of the flying saucer has already told us that it does not use any kinetic energy possessed by human beings. First of all, the universe is full of energy, which is just not discovered by human beings. Flying saucers make use of this energy. Energy exists in the form of waves. Different wavebands have different frequencies of vibration. These frequencies are beyond the scope of human discovery. So when flying saucers are in a certain place, they will suddenly become invisible. In fact, they only It’s because the vibration frequency can’t be detected by human beings. So the flying saucer doesn’t need to take too much power. It’s just very scientific. It can make good use of these cosmic energy. UFO lapel pins can also give you a lot of power.

Where can I buy a flying saucer Lapel Pins

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