Custom tropical fruit soft Enamel Pins

Custom tropical fruit soft Enamel Pins

Tropical fruit is the fruit that grows in the tropics. Africa is rich in tropical fruits. People there will happily wear tropical fruit soft enamel pins to show their delicious fruits. Hainan Province of China is located in the tropics. There are many kinds of tropical fruits produced on the island. Some of them are rare and exotic fruits that most of us have never seen. When people go to Hainan, they not only enjoy the scenery of the island and eat all kinds of seafood, but also eat all kinds of tropical fruits. Suan Jiao is a unique tropical fruit in Yunnan Province. It has been made into Suan Jiao cake. Late ripe mango is a unique tropical fruit in Yanbian County, Panzhihua, Sichuan Province.

The growing environment of tropical fruits

There are many kinds of tropical and subtropical fruits in Hainan, China and southern Africa, with good quality. Some tropical fruits are unique to Hainan, some subtropical fruits are listed one to two months earlier than other regions in China, and watermelon is always sweet in four seasons. There are 29 families, 53 genera and more than 400 varieties of fruit trees cultivated and wild in Hainan Island, which are rare in other fruit regions in the world. Among them, there are longan, litchi, banana, Myrtle, Castanea henryi, olive, bayberry, sour bean and oleander. The varieties introduced from the Nanyang islands and overseas include durian, mangosteen, cashew nuts, avocado, guava, sweet rose, jackfruit, mango, mangosteen, citrus, and Ru Mao Dan. We also have special tropical fruit soft enamel pins, which are very beautiful.

Nutritional value of tropical fruits

Each fruit has its own nutritional value. Wearing tropical fruit soft enamel pins can remind you to take more fruits vitamins. Each kind of fruit plant growing in different areas is also bred and grown according to the geographical environment and natural environment. Because of the climate and other reasons, there are many kinds of fruits in the tropics, which have a large proportion in the variety of fruits. So there are many options. The nutrients needed by human body include carbohydrate, oil, protein, vitamin, water and inorganic salt, which are not obtainable from a certain kind of fruit, nor only from fruit. Therefore, to obtain balanced nutrition, first of all, we need to achieve a balanced diet. Apples are nutritious, but we can’t just eat apples. Kiwi fruit is rich in VC, but eating too much will also have side effects.

How to have tropical fruit soft Enamel Pins

You are so beautiful and elegant. How can you lack the tropical fruit soft enamel pins? Come to our company to customize it. It will bring you rich and colorful life, nutrition and good luck. We can also make non-standard shapes, which can be customized according to your requirements for the material or process of products. Just email us the details of any changes you want to make to the artwork. Once we have developed the design and drawn your work, we will send new images for your approval. Our various soft enamel pins are popular in other countries, so please feel free to customize them.