Custom tree climbing expert squirrel hard enamel pins

Custom tree climbing expert squirrel hard enamel pins

This beautiful big tail squirrel hard enamel pins is different from many people’s imagination. It lives on a tree. It is agile and intelligent. It has a big hairy tail and is a tree climbing expert. This squirrel, which can chew with a pine nut, is actually just a small branch of the squirrel family. From the snowy mountains with an altitude of more than 6000 meters to the tropical islands in the Pacific Ocean, from the western hemisphere to the eastern hemisphere, in addition to the areas close to the polar regions or the most arid deserts where the climate is extremely harsh, the vegetation is extremely simple or even absent, the species of the squirrel family are active in various land habitats, and some of them also play an extremely important role in the ecosystem. The family of squirrels is the most well-known member of the family of squirrels. It is also the most widely distributed and diverse group.

The origin of the great tail squirrel

The earliest known fossils of squirrel species come from Eocene strata. That’s a long time from 65 million to 35 million years ago. At that time, shortly after the extinction of dinosaurs, mammals had not yet gained control over the land, the Qinghai Tibet Plateau had not yet become a land, Europe and North America were still connected by land, and South America was a huge island. The most primitive squirrels live in North America and are similar in shape to today’s flying squirrels. In the late Eocene strata of North America, fossils of a series of squirrels have been found, which are different from any other species. The abundant fossil squirrels in North America show that the family of squirrels originated from the Eocene in North America, and in the following long years, it radiated to all continents outside Oceania, in which a variety of species adapted to various environments have evolved. Among the existing rodents, dormouses are mainly distributed in Eurasia, and coyotes in North America, which are closely related to the family squirrel. Tree climbing expert squirrel hard enamel pins is the best embodiment of your noble packaging.

Social behavior of squirrels

Squirrels spend most of their time alone. Community structure is based on the dominance sequence between the same sex and the two sexes, and the dominant individuals are usually larger than other individuals. Hierarchical dominance is usually only reflected in the reproductive season. Squirrels use urine and secretions from their mandible glands to mark their areas on tree trunks and branches. The family size of squirrels is related to habitat quality, season, sexual activity and food abundance. The family size varies greatly in different distribution areas, but generally the male family size is larger than the female, and the dominant individual family size is larger than the secondary individual family size. In food rich areas, there will be a small overlap of family areas. Please don’t miss the big tail squirrel hard enamel pins we made for you!

How to get the squirrel enamel pins?

Come to our company to customize male squirrel enamel pins. With the help of smart squirrel spirit, we call for the strength of human nature, tap the magic potential of squirrel agility. Big tail squirrel hard enamel pins will bring you good luck. At the same time, it can also be customized. The price of other hard enamel pins in our factory is also very favorable. All kinds of our hard enamel lapel pins are sold well to other countries, so please feel free to customize them.