Custom transformer soft Enamel Pins

Custom transformer soft Enamel Pins

Wear a new and unique transformer soft enamel pins, which not only has a beautiful shape, but also shows your heroic spirit. Once upon a time, there was an animation about the shape of a car, which was popular all over the world. That was transformers. People who have seen this animation know that cars can be transformed into “Autobots” in the animation. At the same time, many car manufacturers are thinking about whether this technology can be really applied to real life cars. If it can be implemented, it is the greatest contribution to mankind. So you have to have a transformer’s soft enamel pins.

The technical aspects of the transformer’s vision.

First of all, in terms of current technology, it is unlikely to realize the “transformer car”. If the car wants to deform, it needs not only the separation of the body, but also the internal parts of the car, which are highly flexible and can ensure that the performance is not affected. In order to ensure that the internal parts of the vehicle are separated without any damage, there is still a lot of room for research and progress. However, although the current technology can not meet the requirements, it is possible to realize this technology in the future. According to online information, Turkish companies have launched a series of transformers soft enamel pins, and the vehicles participating in the test are marked with bright soft enamel pins. It can be seen that people are working hard for the development of this technology, and are constantly studying and believing in the future.

Introduction to transformers movies

Transformers is one of the most successful commercial animations in history. It was originally adapted from the Daiya clone and micro star series of Takara Tommy company in Japan. Its success in the toy market and audio-visual market is unprecedented, so that in the 1980s, it was once popular all over the world. In Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries, a wave of “deformation” has sprung up, making transformers a household name in the world. Before and after, real life movie, game. These two kinds of toys have won unprecedented praise in the U.S. market, and their sales volume is also amazing. These two robots are the predecessor of transformers, but their essential difference from later transformers is that although they can be deformed, diakron is still a man-controlled robot in terms of setting, similar to the combat robot set in the series of Gotha and Super Space Fortress, but still only It’s just combat tools. What really gives them soul and life is the soft Enamel Pins toy of transformers in America. Therefore, the real birth of transformers starts in 1984.

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