Custom the smartest parrot soft Enamel Pins

Custom the smartest parrot soft Enamel Pins

Parrot is one of the most intelligent birds. It can learn to talk with human beings. Smart you deserve a parrot soft enamel pins. Parrots are distributed all over the world. It is distributed in the vast areas of temperature, sub heat and tropics. There are many kinds, about 358, which is one of the largest families of ornithidae. Parrots have different shapes and colorful feathers. There are magnificent and elegant purple blue macaw, sunflower cockatoo with white body and yellow crown, Amazon parrot with good speech, rainbow honeysucking parrot with colorful colors, small sunflower like cockatoo, small and exquisite Hupi parrot and peony parrot, red and green folded parrot, and African Grey parrot with pigeon shape. Mainly distributed in tropical forests. In the southern hemisphere, some species spread to temperate regions, and some species spread to distant islands. Parrots have the most species in Latin America and Oceania, and much fewer in Africa and Asia. However, there are some very famous species in Africa, such as grey parrots, lovers parrots and peony parrots. The most famous parrots in Latin America are all kinds of large macaws. Parrots in Oceania are more diverse than in Latin America.

Morphological characteristics of parrots

Parrot is a typical climbing bird, with two toes forward and two toes backward. It is suitable for grasping. The beak of parrot is powerful and can eat hard shell fruit. Parrots are mainly fruit eating birds with bright plumage in tropical and subtropical forests. Among the parrots, the largest is the Purple Blue Macaw, with a body length of up to 100 cm. The smallest is the blue crowned Parakeet, with a body length of only 12 cm. These parrots carry nest materials in a very special way, not with the curved and powerful beak, but with the nest materials stuffed into the short tail feathers. Other lovers of the same kind also use this way to carry materials to build nests. Our parrot soft enamel pins are common in New Guinea and nearby islands. Parrots mainly live in low-lying tropical forests, and often fly to orchards, farmland and open grass fields.

The present situation of parrot population

With the extension of human civilization and the development of industrialization, these beautiful birds are also facing the deterioration of their living environment, the population is sharply reduced, and some species have been or are close to extinction. New Zealand’s kakapo, is the only nocturnal ground crawling parrot family birds. They were originally found in southern New Zealand, Stuart and other islands, and are endangered by rodents and weasels in their habitats. The tabu honeysucking parrot named after the island of tabu Di has disappeared on this small island in the South Pacific, its ancestral home. People consider that its name is consistent with its reality. It is only newly introduced from the Cook Islands, but it is still in danger. So parrot soft enamel pins is the most precious looking bird.

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