Custom tableware spoon soft Enamel Pins

Custom tableware spoon soft Enamel Pins

What’s the feeling of wearing a delicate soft enamel pins on the chest? You want to know about horses? Then try it. The spoon is a convenient tool for eating. The material of spoon mainly includes plastic, wood, stainless steel, ceramics, and spoon made of vegetable husk. Spoon, should be the oldest dining tool. So it’s hard to say who invented the spoon, but only the East and the West used the spoon in the primitive society. The spoon is relatively small, and it is directly put in the bowl to drink soup. The spoon is bigger and is used to scoop soup into the bowl.

The origin and use of spoon

Spoon was first used in China. Archaeology found that there was evidence that ancient Chinese people first used spoon to eat. It belonged to the Neolithic Age about 7000 years ago. The invention of spoon eating by ancient Chinese people was directly related to the emergence of farming culture. In the Neolithic Age of China, rice and millet were the main crop varieties, which were suitable for cultivation in the wet South and the dry north respectively. The cooking of these two kinds of grains was relatively simple, and they could be eaten directly as grains, and then boiled into porridge and rice with water. Hot porridge and rice, especially half liquid porridge, are inconvenient to grasp directly by hand, so we need to borrow intermediary equipment, so the simplest spoon has been invented. And then there was us, beautiful spoon soft enamel pins.

Spoon material

With the improvement of people’s living standard, there are more and more kinds of spoons. Most spoons are made of wood and stainless steel. The wood products are natural and non-toxic. The stainless steel is strong and durable, and there is no toxicity, so you can use it at ease. Primitive people, because of their urgent need, picked up the pieces of bone or clam shells at will. At first, they may eat them without finishing. Later, people were no longer satisfied with the bone pieces, and began to trim and polish the spoon after a long and short natural state. So the real spoon was made. Our spoon soft enamel pins evolved from ancient times.

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