Custom T-Rex hard enamel pins

Custom T-Rex hard enamel pins

Tyrannosaurus Rex is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a Tyrannosaurus Rex on a hard enamel pins. It lived in the Maastrichtian period at the end of the Cretaceous period, about 68.5 million to 65 million years ago. It is one of the last non bird dinosaur species before the tertiary extinction of the Cretaceous period. Tyrannosaurus Rex is one of the latest extinct dinosaurs in North America, the United States and Canada. Tyrannosaurus Rex’s generic name in ancient Greek means cruel Lizard King, in Latin means king. Some scientists think that Asian warrior Tyrannosaurus bataar is the first effective species of Tyrannosaurus, while others think that Tyrannosaurus is an independent genus. In addition, many species of tyrannosauridae have been proposed, but most of them are regarded as synonyms of Tyrannosaurus Rex or classified in other genera.

Discovery of Tyrannosaurus species

In 1902, Barnum brown, an American dinosaur fossil collector, found a giant carnivorous animal skeleton in Hale Creek, Montana. He was a staff member of the National Museum of history. Over the next two summers, he dug the skeleton out of the hard sandstone. Because of the heavy weight of the bones, he made a special sled pulled by horses, which transported the bones to the nearby road. What he found was the skeleton of the first Tyrannosaurus Rex. Later, a team of paleontologists confirmed that the Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil found in western Canada in 1991 is the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil ever found in the world. Finally, some hard enamel pins of Tyrannosaurus Rex were made according to the shape of the fossil. The team from the University of Alberta in Canada said the Tyrannosaurus Rex, named Scotty, is 13 meters long and is likely to weigh more than 8800 kg, surpassing all the meat eating dinosaurs found in the past.

Appearance characteristics of Tyrannosaurus Rex

Like other Tyrannosaurus Rex families, Tyrannosaurus rex has very small forelimbs, only 22% of the length of the hind legs, and the length of the general individual is only about 80 cm. Compared with the giant size and hind legs of Tyrannosaurus Rex, the forelimbs are very small, which is equivalent to the arms of an adult. Their arms are very thin, and the long skull of T.Rex makes its forelimbs back. This pair of forelimbs can’t reach their mouth, can’t touch their mouth, and can’t touch their feet. Maybe it’s just a balance tool to balance their huge heads. You’ll love our T-Rex enamel pins.

How to get T-Rex hard enamel pins?

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