Custom sweet wine soft Enamel Pins

Custom sweet wine soft Enamel Pins

Wine is a kind of fruit wine made from grapes. Wine soft enamel pins is a kind of clothing decoration. Ancient Persia is one of the birthplaces of ancient civilization. Most historians agree that Persia may be the first country in the world to make wine. With the ancient wars and commercial activities, the methods of wine making spread to Israel, Syria and the Arab countries of Asia Minor. Because Arab countries believe in Islam and Islam advocates the prohibition of alcohol, the wine making industry in Arab countries is declining and almost banned. Later, the method of wine making spread from Persia and Egypt to Greece, Rome and France. Then, the brewing technology and consumption habits of wine spread from Greece, Italy and France to European countries.

Research on the teacher of wine

After analyzing a batch of ancient pottery pots, scientists found that humans may have started to make wine as early as 8000 years ago, hundreds of years earlier than the earliest known time. Scientists say they have found pottery pots of residual wine compounds in two sites south of the Georgian capital Tbilisi. The pots and wine soft enamel pins 8000 years ago have become the “earliest” evidence of human wine making. Before these pots were unearthed, the earliest pottery used for wine making was discovered in northwest Iran in 1968. These pottery can be traced back to about 7000 years ago. The discovery is the first evidence that humans planted wild Eurasian vines on their own and dedicated them to wine making.

Types of wine

1. White wine: it is made of white grape or red and white grape. The color of wine is yellowish green, almost colorless or light yellow, straw yellow, golden yellow. Any deep yellow, turquoise, tan or brown yellow color does not meet the color requirements of white wine.

2. Red wine: it is made of grapes with red skin and white flesh or red skin and flesh by mixed fermentation of grape skin and juice. The color of the wine is natural deep ruby red, ruby red, purplish red or garnet red. All the yellow brown, brown or earthy brown colors do not meet the color requirements of red wine.

3. Peach red wine: it is made of red grape with skin or separated fermentation. The color of the wine is light red, peach, orange or rose. Any color too deep or too light does not meet the requirements of peach red wine. This kind of wine is fresh and fruity in flavor, and the tannin content should not be too high. Rose grape, Pinot Noir, Carignan, French blue and other varieties are suitable for making peach red wine. In addition, the blending of red and white wine in a certain proportion can also be regarded as peach red wine.

You can customize delicious wine soft Enamel Pins

These wines may be made in a similar way to Georgian wines, “flatten the grapes and let the stems and seeds of the grapes ferment together.”. These “Keya brandy”, “rose wine”, “Qiongyao pulp” were exhibited and compared, and “Keya brandy” won. Later, it was changed to “golden prize brandy”, which has been used all the time. So our soft Enamel Pins process design is also very exquisite, the price is also very preferential. Our various soft enamel pins are sold to other countries because of their good quality, so we don’t have the minimum order quantity.