Custom Super Mario soft Enamel Pins

Custom Super Mario soft Enamel Pins

Mario is a character standing at the top of the game world. Mario’s soft enamel pins is also a super popular, cute and multi-faceted character’s soft enamel pins. Mario, it grows by eating mushrooms. What are its characteristics? Take a look at the characteristics of Mario on our soft enamel pins! Mario, it has a big nose. It’s wearing a red hat. There’s a “m” on the hat. That’s the sign of its name. Dressed in overalls and bearded, Mario is a hero in the hearts of players, who attacks powerful enemies with superhuman, motor nerve and courage. Especially in Japan, almost everyone will have Mario’s soft enamel pins, which shows how much people like him.

Mario badge grown up eating mushrooms

Mario, who likes eating mushrooms, has a high reputation. Although he looks like an old uncle in the soft enamel pin, his flexible and vigorous posture makes Mario an important role in the game of Japanese people. In 1981, Mario made his debut in the famous Nintendo work “monkey Kong”. At that time, he was an unknown carpenter and didn’t attract much attention. And really let you know that Mario is in his work Super Mario Bros. on the red and white machine platform. His outstanding performance makes people remember this role forever. You ask every Japanese, he may not know the prime minister’s name, but he definitely knows the name Mario! So how happy it is to have a Mario soft enamel Pins!

Characteristics of Mario soft Enamel Pins

Mario’s hat and harness work clothes, big nose and beard are far from the hero’s image. Plus a little bit of fat body, a little inattention may take our hero Mario as a middle-aged uncle working in a convenience store. But the personality and intimacy brought by the image are deeply rooted in the hearts of players. The father of Mario’s birth, Miyamoto’s design concept is “like a mark, people can see the appearance at a glance, easy to show the color of the action”. At that time, it was limited to the function of hardware and could not display precise pictures. In order to clearly show the action of the characters, Mario’s clothing is designed as a work suit with straps, which can well show the action of the arms. As for the design of face, the consideration at that time was that even if the design was very careful, it could not be displayed on TV. Characteristic and easy to identify are the key points of design. So there’s a big nose, a beard and a hat. When it comes to color combinations, there is more than one.

Do you know where to customize Mario soft Enamel Pins

Of course, I have come to our company to customize this soft enamel pins design of Mario image, which makes the action hero’s badge penetrate into people’s hearts at once. Even Miyamoto didn’t think that a game character badge could be so famous. Give you our beautiful Mario soft enamel pins, it’s a kind of memory of childhood games! Please come to our company to customize Mario soft enamel pins, which will bring you unexpected surprises. At the same time, we can also customize our factory, other soft Enamel Lapel Pins, the price is also very favorable.