Custom Star sneaker soft Enamel Pins

Custom Star sneaker soft Enamel Pin

Sports shoes are the most suitable for sports, so the soft enamel pins of star sports shoes is the best clothing match for athletes. Sports shoes are designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of people’s participation in sports or tourism. The sole of sports shoes is different from ordinary leather shoes and rubber shoes. It is generally soft and elastic, which can play a certain buffer role. Exercise can enhance flexibility, and some can prevent ankle injury. Therefore, in sports, we should wear sports shoes, especially high-intensity physical sports, such as basketball, running and so on. So the soft enamel pins of star sneakers is very popular with young people.

Features of star sports shoes:

1. In terms of lines: the characteristics of sports shoes are: complex lines and various forms. There are single line, double line, false line, open line, dotted line, outline line, edge line, seam line, decorative line, etc., which can be used on a pair of shoes at the same time, not limited to one kind. Most of them are arc lines with less proportion of straight lines. However, our soft enamel pins for sneakers are colorful in design.

2. In terms of color: the color of sports shoes is determined by the materials used and the reflected light. The use of color matching in the design of sports shoes reflects the design style and design trend, and greatly improves the visibility and entertainment of sports, as well as the lively, dynamic and bright features of sports itself. Compared with leather shoes and rubber shoes, the color of sports shoes has many characteristics, such as wide range, complex color matching and rich visual experience.

The difference of all kinds of star sports shoes

1、 Football shoes are easy to identify. Generally, football shoes are much more dexterous, thin and fit.

2、 The all-around sports shoes are suitable for people who like a variety of sports and practice only a few times a week.

3、 Aerobic sports shoes are generally high top and light. The sole is not deep, suitable for the movement on the carpet.

4、 Skateboarding shoes are also called “casual shoes”. The shoes are light, and the rubber soles emphasize the grip performance, which can better grasp the skateboard.

5、 When hiking in the wild, hiking shoes often step on the sand and walk on the uneven ground. Sometimes they need to walk through the mountain stream. Therefore, hiking shoes are usually in the middle of the upper, and the sole has pimples, emphasizing the grip performance.

Let’s customize our various star sneakers with soft enamel pins

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