Custom soft enamel pins of various gourmet styles

Custom soft enamel pins of various gourmet styles

Food is the most important thing in the world. Delicious soft enamel pins can bring you a full appetite. Delicious food, as the name implies, is delicious food. The expensive ones have delicacies of mountains and seas, and the cheap ones have street snacks. As a matter of fact, food doesn’t matter whether it’s expensive or not. As long as it’s something you like, it can be called food. China is known as the “cooking kingdom”. In China, there are 56 small families. Each family has its own special food. Food has expectations before eating and aftertaste after eating. It depends on the occasion to enjoy the food. Only when the occasion is good, can the food taste. Food culture around the world is extensive and profound, with different nutrients. Taste more food, enjoy more health, and make people eat more happily. Food is not just food on the table. It also includes snacks, biscuits, cakes, sugars, preserves, dried fruits, meat food, tea brewing and other products, each with its own flavor, which can be called gourmet.

Different Chinese food culture

The history of each country is long and short, its territory is large and small, its strength is strong and weak, its population is large and small, its ethnic composition, religious belief, nature of political power and economic structure are also different, so the food culture of each country is different. With the improvement of personal consumption level, everyone’s concept of food is different. Food culture: in the traditional Chinese culture and education, influenced by the philosophy of Yin-Yang and five elements, Confucian ethics and morality, traditional Chinese medicine nutrition and health preservation theory, as well as cultural and artistic achievements, food aesthetic fashion, national character characteristics and many other factors, the working people have created a brilliant history of Chinese cooking skills, forming a broad and profound Chinese food culture. From the perspective of historical evolution, it can be traced back to the taigongwang period in the late Shang Dynasty. Chinese food culture has lasted for more than 3100 years. It can be divided into five development stages: raw food, cooked food, medicinal diet, natural cooking and scientific cooking. It has launched more than 60000 traditional dishes, 20000 kinds of industrial food, colorful banquets, as well as bright and colorful flavor schools, which are also soft enamel pins of food, and won the title of “cooking” “Cooking kingdom”.

The art of gourmet soft Enamel Pins

In terms of connotation, Chinese food culture involves the development and utilization of food sources, the use and innovation of food utensils, the production and consumption of food, the service and reception of food, the operation and management of food industry and food industry, as well as the relationship between food and national security, food and Literature and art, food and life realm, etc. it is profound and broad! Chinese cooking, not only exquisite technology, but also pay attention to the beauty of the traditional dishes, pay attention to the food color, fragrance, taste, shape, utensil coordination. There are many ways to express the beauty of dishes. Whether it’s a carrot or a cabbage heart, it can carve all kinds of shapes and make it unique, so as to achieve the harmonious unity of color, fragrance, taste, shape and beauty, and give people a special enjoyment of high unity of spirit and material. In a word, the soft enamel pins of Chinese food culture is a long-standing regional culture with wide vision, deep level, multi angle and high grade. It is the material wealth and spiritual wealth created, accumulated and influenced by the people of all ethnic groups in the development of food sources, research and development of tableware, food conditioning, nutrition and health care and food aesthetics in the production and living practice of more than one million years Rich.

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