Custom soft enamel pins for world famous painting

Custom soft enamel pins for world famous painting

World famous painting is a kind of classic. Wearing soft enamel pins is an embodiment of art and a display of noble identity. Van Gogh, a famous painter, is a Dutch post impressionist painter. The representative works include starry night, self portrait series, sunflower series, etc. Van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853 in a Protestant clergyman’s family in the Dutch village of zindelt. In his early years, he worked as a clerk and business broker, and also as a missionary in the mining area. At last, he devoted himself to painting. He was influenced by Dutch traditional painting and French realism in his early painting style.

The creative way of world famous paintings

Van Gogh’s most famous work is undoubtedly the sunflower. Only by gorgeous yellow color combination. “Starry night” Van Gogh painted those exploding stars, and the close relationship between the space exploration of that era, to surpass the relationship of that mysterious belief era. In 1886, Van Gogh came to Paris, met with Impressionists and new Impressionists, and came into contact with Japanese ukiyo paintings. The expansion of vision changed his painting style greatly. His paintings began from dull and dim in the early days, and finally became simple, bright and strong in color. In 1888, when he came to the southern French town of Al, he had got rid of the influence of Impressionism and Neo Impressionism, and went to the opposite position. As it is close to the developing contemporary French art movement, the palette becomes more and more bright and becomes the most famous contemporary painter.The world famous painting soft enamel pins is a kind of nostalgia for the great painter.

Inspiration of making soft enamel pins of world famous painting

Every painter has a high passion for farmers, field life and rural field scenery. They love everything about farmers, especially Van Gogh, and are fascinated by sunflowers, wheat fields, Orioles and peas. He often chooses these earthy and fragrant objects as his painting themes. In his short artistic career, Van Gogh, with his keen artistic perception, describes these simple and natural landscapes, still life and characters in a deep and detailed way. He is also called “the purest painter among painters”. Therefore, the world famous painting soft enamel pin has become the most valuable collection, a kind of commemoration of the famous painting soft enamel pins.

Where to buy the world famous painting soft enamel pins?

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