Custom soft enamel pins for windmill

Custom soft enamel pins for windmill

The soft enamel pins of windmill that rises with the wind is a kind of grace and a kind of life power. Windmill is a kind of power machinery which does not need fuel and uses wind as energy. Early wind turbines were also called windmills. Modern wind turbines refer to wind turbines for power generation, but also for water supply and irrigation.Ancient windmills developed from sails. They have 6-8 sailboats like awnings, which are distributed around a vertical axis. When the wind blows, they rotate around the axis like a lantern, which is called a lantern type windmill. Due to its low efficiency, this kind of windmill has been gradually replaced by wooden canopy windmill with horizontal rotation axis and other windmills, such as “vertical windmill”, “automatic rotor windmill”, etc.

Invention and application of windmill

More than 2000 years ago, China, Babylon, Persia and other countries have used ancient windmills to lift water to irrigate and grind grain. After the 12th century, windmills have developed rapidly in Europe. Through windmills, wind turbines are used to lift water, heat, refrigeration, shipping and power generation. The first windmills were built in Western Asia – probably Syria – in the seventh Century B.C. This part of the world has strong winds that almost always blow in the same direction, so these early windmills were built for prevailing winds. They don’t look like the windmills we see today. Instead, they have vertical shafts with wings arranged vertically. They are very similar to the Trojans arranged on the carousel device. Just like our windmill soft enamel pins, it’s beautiful and beautiful.

The first windmills in Western Europe

The first windmills appeared in Western Europe at the end of the 12th century. Some believe that soldiers who took part in the Crusades in Palestine returned home with information about windmills. However, the design of windmills in the west is quite different from that in Syria, so they may have been invented independently. A typical Mediterranean windmill has round stone towers and vertical wing plates that face prevailing winds. They are still used to grind grain. The difference between Western windmills is that the blades rotate around the vertical plane. Because the wind is more variable in Europe than in West Asia, the windmill also has a mechanical device to make the wing plate face the direction of the wind. On the island of ello in Saint Reyes, Denmark, modern windmills are connected to power generators. So we also have the first soft enamel pins for windmill.

How to get soft enamel pins of windmill

The soft enamel pins of windmill can bring you different experience. You can add your desired logo on the top of the windmill, or the three colors of red, yellow and green are pasted on the windmill. When the wind blows, it makes the wind spin, makes a crisp sound, and adds more festive and auspicious colors. This is luck and luck. The wind blows, the car turns happiness. You can also come to our company to customize all kinds of soft enamel pins for windmills. The price is also very favorable. Our various soft enamel pins are sold to other countries because there is no minimum order.