Custom soft enamel pins for skate shoes

Custom soft enamel pins for skate shoes

Skates are worn in ice sports, so the soft enamel pins of skates is the best clothing match for athletes. Skating shoes are designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of people participating in ice sports. The sole of skate shoes is different from common leather shoes and rubber shoes. It is not soft and elastic in general, and can not play a certain buffer role. When skating, you can feel the speed. Some skaters have high uppers and can prevent ankle injuries. Therefore, in ice sports, skaters should wear skates, so Skaters’ soft enamel pins are also very popular with young people.

The origin and development of skating shoes

Skating shoes are the shoes you wear when skating. Modern skates are made of steel skates or pulleys on the bottom of boots. Western skating can also be traced back hundreds of years. Interestingly, the relics of ancient skating have been excavated in London, namely, the skids on snowmobiles, which contain soft enamel pins similar to those of ancient skates. According to research, this slide wood is something of the 12th century. Nordic people use bone gliders attached to their feet to slide over the ice. In about 1572, the fact that the Dutch beat the spaniards by water and land by skating happened in Dutch history. Once, the Spanish fleet and the Dutch fleet met. Due to the sudden change of weather, both fleets were unable to move because of the ice on the sea. At this time, the Dutch formed a skating team with skating soldiers and launched a quick attack on the enemy. The Spanish were caught by surprise and suffered a tragic defeat. Another time, the Dutch infantry skating team launched an attack on the Spanish soldiers stationed on the ice. The Spanish soldiers were killed because they could not skate and could not fight back. At this time, the Dutch used iron skating tools.

Types of figure skating shoes

Skating can be divided into figure skating, ice hockey and speed skating. Therefore, according to different sports, ice skates should be equipped with different ice skates. What if you want to choose a pair of skates that suits you, and soft enamel pins for skates? First of all, you need to determine which kind of skates you want to use in different skates. Therefore, you need to know the characteristics of each skate and each skate

1. Huadao is a figure skating ice skate. It has prominent teeth in front of it. The sliding principle is the same as walking.

2. The blade of the ice skate used for playing ice hockey is smooth.

3. The skate blade used in the speed skating competition is longer than the flower blade of the general ball blade.

4. Modern speed skates are divided into short track speed skates and Avenue speed skates. The short track speed skate blade is shorter than the main road speed skate blade body, larger arc, and higher blade pile, so as to adapt to the characteristics of short track speed skate with small turning radius and more bends.

Let’s customize our soft enamel pins for all kinds of skates

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