Custom snowflake shape soft Enamel Pins

Custom snowflake shape soft Enamel Pins

This is a beautiful snow soft enamel pins with beautiful shape and crystal clear. Snow, also known as silver millet, jade dragon and jade dust, is a kind of crystal. It is the solid precipitation from the condensation of water vapor in the sky. Its structure changes with the change of temperature, mostly in hexagonal shape, like a flower. There are many shapes of snowflakes. Each snowflake is an extremely beautiful design, which many artists admire. Most snowflakes are hexagonal because they belong to the hexagonal system. The small ice crystals of the “embryo” of snowflakes in the clouds have two main shapes. A kind of hexagonal, long and thin, called columnar crystal, but sometimes its two ends are pointed, like a needle, called needle crystal. The other is in the form of hexagonal flake, just like the flake cut from a pencil with six edges, which is called lamellae.

The cause of snowflake formation

Snowflakes come from small ice crystals, while ice molecules are hexagonal. The snowflakes are mostly hexagonal, and each snowflake is not exactly the same shape. The various shapes of snowflakes are closely related to the water vapor conditions when they are formed. For hexagonal sheet ice crystals, due to the different degrees of curvature on the surface, edge and angle, they have different saturated vapor pressures, among which the saturated vapor pressure on the corner is the largest, the last on the edge and the smallest on the plane. In the case of the same real water vapor pressure, due to the different saturated vapor pressure on the surface, edge and angle of ice crystal, the growth of condensation is not the same. Put on snow soft enamel pins, there is an irreplaceable beauty.

Different shapes of snowflakes in winter

In the cold winter, as the ice crystal grows, the water vapor near the ice crystal will be consumed. Therefore, the closer to the ice crystal, the thinner the water vapor, and the lower the degree of supersaturation. Near the surface of the ice crystal, the excess water vapor has just reached saturation because it has been condensed on the ice crystal. In this way, the water vapor density near the ice crystal is smaller than that far away from it. Water vapor moves from around the ice crystals to where they are. Water vapor molecules first encounter the corners and bulges of ice crystals, where they condense and make ice crystals grow. Therefore, the corners and bulges of ice crystals will grow rapidly and gradually become branched. Later, for the same reason, new twigs and forks appeared in each branch and corner. At the same time, in the depression between the corners and the branches. The air is no longer saturated. Sometimes, there is even sublimation here, so that water vapor is transported to other places. In this way, the corners and branches and forks are more prominent, and gradually form the star shaped snowflakes we are familiar with. See if our snowflakes soft enamel pins are very delicate.

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