Custom snow white hard Enamel Pins

Custom Snow White Hard Enamel Pins

Snow White is the most famous story in Green’s fairy tales. To have snow white’s hard enamel pins is to have magic. Snow White is widely popular in Europe, a fairy tale characters, about Snow White by stepmother queen abuse, fled to the forest, met seven dwarfs story. Historian Barthes, it is said that the historical prototype of snow white, was born in 1725 in the western German city of Roer on the Rhine, Maria Sofia von eltal. The beautiful snow white, envied by her stepmother, was put to death many times. At last, with the help of seven dwarfs and the prince, she got a new life. The queen who loves vanity and beauty always asks the mirror, “mirror, mirror, who is the most beautiful woman in the world?” When the mirror said it was snow white, the queen disguised herself as a witch and tricked snow white into eating poisonous apples. Snow white, who ate the poisonous apple, was saved by the prince who appeared later. Finally, the prince and the princess lived happily together, and the queen got the punishment she deserved.

The historical prototype of snow white

After 17 years of research and discussion, the fairy tale scholars in the Southwest German town of Roer confidently said that Snow White came from their hometown. For a while, lol became the focus of attention of snow white fans all over the world, interviewed by TV stations from Japan and even Kazakhstan. According to Bartles, the president of the lore fairytale Association, snow white is Maria von etter, a noble born in lore on June 15, 1729. The castle where Maria grew up became a museum. Inside, there is a “talking” mirror – a voice toy that was once popular in the 18th century, at the center of which was lol. The owner of this mirror is no other than Maria’s “vicious” stepmother, Claudia, the second wife of her father Philip. Snow white hard enamel pins is a very beautiful legend.

Introduction to snow white

Snow white on the hard enamel pin is gentle, lovely, beautiful and kind-hearted. Like other poor girls, she gets plenty of life mainly through hard work. Snow White’s identity makes her not and need not work. Therefore, Snow White’s kindness is mainly reflected in her innocence and obedience in character. She likes to make friends with small animals. She can sing and dance. She is naive and lovely. The queen disguised herself as a poison apple to send to her. The kind Snow White did not take any precautions against the outside world. She stuttered the poison apple. She was kind and innocent in nature. She mistakenly regarded the queen as a kind-hearted person and believed the Queen’s deception. In order to repay the seven dwarfs, she washed and cooked for them in their home. She was happy to be a happy housewife. But she is weak and deceiving by nature. She has no spirit of resistance and struggle in the face of the injustice or suffering of fate. How beautiful our snow white hard enamel pins are.

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