Custom smart Octopus soft Enamel Pins

Custom smart Octopus soft Enamel Pins

Octopus is the most intelligent marine animal. Our soft enamel pins are also the most exquisite. Octopus is a temperate mollusk, living in the water, adapt to the temperature of not less than 7 ℃, the proportion of sea water 1.021 is the most appropriate, low salinity environment will die. It can feed on large zooplankton and grow. It is widely distributed in the tropical and temperate sea areas of the world’s oceans. Octopus is oval or oval in shape, with strong muscles, narrow opening of mantle cavity and no water hole on the body surface. One or two rows of carpal sucker. In male, the third wrist is cauline on the left or right side, the ventral edge of the wrist has a fine groove, and the end has a spoon shaped tongue leaf. The funnel coat lock degenerates. It’s a very intelligent animal.

Octopus has a strong ability of thinking

People who like octopus soft enamel pins all know that there is an expert who has been engaged in Octopus research for many years. Jim kosgrove points out that octopus has “conceptual thinking” and can solve complex problems alone, which makes it have the ability to walk with two legs. According to Jim Cosgrove, octopus is one of the most different creatures on earth. Octopus has very developed eyes, which is the only similarity with human beings. It’s very different from human beings in other aspects: octopus has three hearts, two memory systems, one is brain memory system, the other is directly connected with suction cup, there are 500 million neurons in Octopus brain, and some very sensitive, chemical and tactile receptors. This unique neural structure enables octopus to have more thinking ability than ordinary animals.

Why is the blood of Octopus blue?

Octopus is a very complex creature, and it is probably the earliest “aristocrat” in the world. There are 100 billion neurons in our brain, but 500 million neurons in octopus are distributed all over their heads and bodies. The researchers speculate that the octopus’s “blue blood” is still the result of the species’s inability to migrate from the harsh environment. At first glance, it’s not obvious what the octopus has, but it has proven that it has the ability to plan, reason and predict sports events. At the beginning of the study, researchers have found that octopus in Indonesia collect cracked coconut shells to prepare for stormy weather. Then hide in the shell and lock yourself up. See if you like these, smart Octopus soft enamel pins.

How to get smart Octopus soft enamel pins?

Our company has prepared smart Octopus soft enamel pins for you. For your happy smile, come and wear smart Octopus soft enamel pins. It will bring you good luck. At the same time, you can also customize our factory’s other soft enamel pins, the price is also very favorable. Our various soft enamel pins are sold to other countries because of their good quality. Please feel free to customize them.