Custom small men’s theme suit hard enamel pins

Custom small men’s theme suit hard enamel pins

Suit is a leading trend of clothing, exquisite and fashionable men’s theme suit hard enamel pins, let outstanding you more excellent. The metal development accessories of hard enamel pins should be consistent with other accessories. The metal of buckle, cufflink, watch and pins should be the same, so that they can look unified and make you look radiant without any effort. For example, gold or copper hard enamel pins are matched with gold or copper accessories respectively. Choose a hard enamel pins that is proportional to the rest of the garment. Don’t choose too big a pin, it will look a little funny, or like a clown wearing a hard enamel brooch. Pins should be able to enhance your overall image, rather than become the focus of your clothes.

Color requirements for men’s hard enamel pins

A successful man chooses a suit with a hard enamel pins that matches the color of the tie or suit. This will make your shape more texture, and there will not be too strong color contrast, people are distracted. If you think the color is too outstanding, you can choose a color similar to the suit color. Purple or green pins can make a blue suit deeper, and matching red or orange may look tacky. Neutral colors such as beige, grey and black can be matched at will, especially grey or black suits. You don’t have to worry about color matching when you choose pins of these colors. If you just start wearing it, choose a smaller hard enamel pins. When you get used to it, men can choose a larger pins.

Choose a hard enamel pins style suitable for the workplace

The small hard enamel pins that you wear at work should look professional and suitable for the workplace. Although some of the pins are artistic, they are not suitable for work. For example, typewriter pins are very suitable for newspaper work. If you’re not sure, use a classic look, like a lily or a feather. These will not offend anyone. And only wear one hard enamel pins at a time. Wear more than one pins at a time. It looks disorganized and pointless, unless you work in a special club, such as a military organization. Wearing only one hard enamel pins at a time allows others to focus on you, not on your accessories.

Come to order high quality men’s suit hard enamel pins

If you like the gentleman suit hard enamel pins, it will definitely bring the best benefits to your work. Please come to our company and we will design a meaningful pattern for you, such as a pin with your initials or family seal to show your personality. These can bring you unexpected surprises. At the same time, you can also customize our company, other hard Enamel Lapel Pins, the price is very preferential. All kinds of our hard enamel lapel pins are sold to other countries because there is no minimum order quantity. We will bring you the best, successful men’s theme suit hard enamel pins design.