Custom slow snail soft Enamel Pins

Custom slow snail soft Enamel Pins

Which small animal in the world is the slowest to crawl? Of course, we need to count snails. Let’s have a look at the soft enamel pins of snails. Snails are all terrestrial species of Gastropoda. Generally speaking, there is no distinction between aquatic snails and terrestrial snails in western languages. In Chinese, snails only refer to terrestrial species, while in general, snails include giant shield slugs. Snail is an animal that includes many different families and genera. Feed on plants and lay their eggs in the soil or on trees. It is common in tropical islands, but some also exist in cold areas. The colors of arboreal species are bright, while those of terrestrial species are usually several similar colors with stripes. Africa’s crystal snail is the largest in size, more than 20 cm. Several species of the genus megasnail of Europe are often used as delicacies, especially in France. Snail is the most common mollusk on land, which has high edible and medicinal value.

The morphological structure of snails

The whole body of a snail includes the eyes, mouth, feet, shell, antennae and other parts. The spiral shells on the back of the body vary in shape and color. Their shells are pagoda shaped, gyro shaped, cone-shaped, spherical, pipe shaped and so on. Our snail soft enamel pins is a very beautiful snail. At present, the domestic cultured white jade snail, covered big snail, scattered big snail, bright big snail and brown cloud agate snail all have their own unique shapes. The eyes of a snail are on the back antennae of its head. Snails are invertebrates, Mollusca, Gastropoda, pulmonale, Snail family. The shell is generally low conical, right-handed or left-handed. There are two pairs of antennae and one pair of eyes on the top of the head. The ventral side of the head has an opening, and the mouth has a toothed tongue, which can be used for scraping food. The snail has a shell, which looks like a small snail, with various colors; the head has four antennae, when walking, the head stretches out, when frightened, the head and tail retract into the shell together; the snail has saliva, which can restrict centipede and scorpion. 6、 When July is hot, it will hang under the leaves and rise upward until it dies after salivating. This is the most powerful place for snails.

Do you know how many teeth a snail has?

Snails have the most teeth, but their teeth are not “three-dimensional teeth”. Although they have tens of thousands of teeth, they can’t chew food. This is because they use a toothed tongue, which is a banded structure covered with teeth to crush food for digestion. Throughout their lives, their tiny teeth slowly wear and blunt, and are replaced by sharper new teeth. Snail excretion is near the breathing hole, which is called stomata. It will excrete the feces on its own body, and eventually leave the feces on the ground through its stomach and feet and mucus. There is a hard shell on the back of the snail. When the snail retracts into the shell, it still leaves the opening of the breathing hole at the mouth of the shell for breathing. The mantle is often located between the foot or visceral mass, forming a cavity that communicates with the outside world, which is called “mantle cavity”. The respiratory organs of snails are hidden in the mantle cavity. Sometimes through the shell of snails, we can see the dense pulmonary vascular network under the shell. Most of them are located in the front side, near the head, which is the position of the mantle cavity. Do you know the living habits of snails from their soft enamel pins.

Do you need to customize snail soft enamel pins?

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