Custom Skull Lapel Pins

Skull Pins

Better Finish Ltd, design and create the custom skull lapel pins using different process. That includes, soft enamel, hard enamel, printed, die struck custom skull pins. Our skull design lapel pins have no minimum order limited, at wholesale factory cheap price.

Count out what your custom skull lapel pins will cost!

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What is our most hot sell, skull lapel pins?

Custom Skull Lapel Pins

The Pirate Skull Lapel Pins

Most pirate skull pins are enamel colors filled, or the die struck antique plated. Custom designed to be skull pins using the pirate logo.

Pirate Skull LOGO
A Skull plus two cross bones is a pirate sign.
The pirate use this logo to make their flags.
Although the source is not available, many people think the word is actually from the French word JOLI.
“Very red” means.
Once the pirates used the word to describe a color of the flag fly high.
No matter where it comes from,
The role of the skull flag is undisputed.
The arrow of fear is deep into the bottom of the prey on the sea.
The former pirates used any national flag called “false color” at ordinary times.
And the “true color” rises in wartime.
The skeleton flag, to contact, and to intimidate the victims.

How to design the custom skull lapel pins?

Before making the skull pins, please confirm which style you like, we can make the following different styles.

  1. Soft Enamel
  2. Skull Shaped Hard Enamel Pins
  3. Printing
  4. Die Struck

Die struck without the enamel color can make the skull be 3D design. just like a real skull, let you can feel the skull using the fingers.

Offset printing , make the skull the same with your design, exactly the same color, maybe with many shade colors.

Soft enamel, make it to be dye black skull let it be dark.

Hard enamel, like Disney pirate skull pins, hard enamel colors filled in, top quality.

Confirm that and contact us to get how much the factory will cost for your custom skull lapel pins. email:

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Better Finish Ltd, also produce the custom skull key chains, pendants, award medals, and custom coins at cheap price with top quality.