Custom Shaped Tree Lapel Pins

Tree Shaped Lapel Pins

This Palm Tree Lapel Pin is die struck, silver plating, soft enamel color pin. Made from injection zinc alloy material. 

The weather is too hot! It’s too hot! Hide quickly, where to hide? See! There is a big sun shading umbrella in front of you, where must be very cool, where to do the game, ah! It turned out to be a luxuriant palm tree. Beautiful leaves, like Thousands Hand Guanyin, the wind blows, they like dancing! A green leaf is more like the big fan, fan fan fan, they go, hot summer, cool autumn fan to the!

With the good feeling, do you want to buy a palm pins? Travel on the Seaside, find a palm tree pin in the store, happy to buy it. Image you wear a Palm Tree Pin walking on the beach. Each pin accompanies a standard grasp back, pack in separate poly bag.

What the palm tree lapel pins means?

In Western Asia and China, palm trees are symbolic of women and breeding. In the Middle East, palm trees are not only related to Roman worship of Sun God Apollo. Also to the ancient Semite goddess A Studi and the goddess in the Middle East. The tall palm trees are also the sign of the sun and victory. In Egypt and Arabia, it is of the same meaning as the tree of life. See the palm leaves, maybe some people will think of Thousands Hand Guanyin. Yes, it’s like huge palm leaves. Palm veins like a opening arm, together just like Hand Guanyin? I remember one year in the Spring Festival Gala. A deaf person show “Thousands Hand Guanyin“. Those deaf to the left and right on a stretched out arm, just like the palm vein. Perhaps, some people will feel particularly familiar, see the palm exceptionally cordial, as if to shout “Thousands Hand Guanyin“.

Buy custom shaped pins!

The Palm Tree Lapel Pins from Better Finish Ltd.

Gift it to elder, let Guayin be with and protect them, take happiness to them.

It is one inch size, 1.5mm thickness, silver plating, zinc alloy material, butterfly clutch backing, poly bag pack. Only the zinc alloy material can make out the complex shape pins.Show the tree branches details.

We design and produce palm shape cheap lapel pins at wholesale price, no minimum order.

Our production line not only can make the custom shaped lapel pins, also can design and create the custom shaped award medals.