Custom sexy tassel crown Lapel Pins

Custom sexy tassel crown Lapel Pins

The sexy tassel crown lapel pins is a kind of clothing ornament that everyone likes. Tassel is a kind of drooping spike made of colorful feathers or metal. It is often used in the hem of stage clothes. It’s beautiful. There is another kind of string made of pearl or velvet, which is matched according to the style of clothes. The quantity is different, and the number of tassels is different. The design of tassel comes from tassel tree, which looks like radish flower. It is a deciduous tree, with tall and beautiful tree shape, luxuriant branches and leaves, full of trees and white flowers in early summer, like covered with frost and snow, beautiful and pleasant, with beautiful threads. It will bear fruit in autumn. The stone fruit is oval and blue black.

Crown shaped Lapel Pins

The crown is usually a symbol of monarchy. The crown lapel pins is also a sign of success. However, in modern times, there are many monarchs who may never really wear a crown. The design of the crown only serves as a family emblem. For example, the kingdom of Belgium has no coronation ceremony, and only the crown lapel pins serves as the decoration on the clothes. In Greek weddings, the crown lapel pins is usually made of flowers and kept as a souvenir by the new couple. In Slavic weddings, the crown is usually made of Metal Lapel Pins and imitates the real crown. However, a pair of new lapel pins are usually made at each wedding. When all the new weddings are held, the crown lapel pins are worn for them, because the cost of the tassel crown lapel pins is very high.

Delicate design of crown Lapel Pins

The fringe crown lapel pins is a symbol of a successful career. At the same time, the crown lapel pins is also a symbol of peace, kindness and courage. The crown is the hat that the monarch wears to symbolize the supreme power. Our lapel pins are made of high-end metal and inlaid with jewel like diamond ornaments. Since ancient times, people have regarded the crown as the highest power. Beautiful things are always yearning and liking, just like the crown lapel pins, which represents the highest power in people’s hearts.

Come and customize the tassel crown Lapel Pins

The tassel crown lapel pins is like the highest level of power. Wearing it will make you love your career and achieve success. If you want to customize the exquisite tassel crown lapel pins, come to our company and you will be surprised. At the same time, we can also customize our factory’s other lapel pins, the price is also very favorable. Our various lapel pins are sold well to other countries, so please feel free to customize them.