Custom Seven Star Ladybug Lapel Pins

Custom Seven Star Ladybug Lapel Pins

A beautiful seven star Ladybug lapel pins is the best gift from nature. Seven Star ladybug is a Coleoptera, a predatory insect of Ladybug family. Its body is like a half ball, and its black head and wings are orange. The antennae are very short and not obvious. Its feet are under the big wings. Its mouth organ has the ability to chew food. Because its wings have seven black dots, it is called Seven Star ladybug. Seven Star ladybug is a beneficial insect. Adults can eat wheat aphid, cotton aphid, Sophora aphid, peach aphid, scale insect, tick and other pests, which can greatly reduce the damage to trees, fruits and various crops Insect damage, known as “live pesticide”, is widely distributed all over the world.

Introduction of Coccinella septempunctata

Our seven star Ladybug lapel pins is a ladybug with seven black spots. A member of the family Coccinellidae. Also known as “Seven Star Ladybug”, “Seven Star Flower chicken”. All over the rest of my country. The body is round, segmented, short and brown; the head, mouth apparatus, compound eyes, front chest, small shield, abdomen and six feet are all black. The Coleoptera is red or orange yellow, with 7 irregular black round spots, one of which is formed by joining two Coleoptera. You can often see it in the fields, woods and orchards. You like to eat small insects. The nature is quite nimble, often falls to hide or wipes away. The body color is beautiful and exquisite. It can also be used for Ladybug specimens. In the same family, there are 28 star ladybug, tortoise Ladybug and melon eggplant ladybug. There are many kinds.

Life habits of Coccinella septempunctata

There are clear boundaries between the beneficial insects and the pests among ladybugs. They do not interfere with each other, do not intermarry with each other, and keep their traditional habits. Therefore, no matter how many generations are passed down, there will be no “mixed race” or change their traditional habits. So Seven Star Ladybug lapel pins is the most pure family lapel pin. Seven Star Ladybug has strong self-defense ability. Although its body is only as big as soybean, many powerful enemies are helpless to it. It has a kind of “chemical weapon” on the joints of its three pairs of thin feet. When it encounters the enemy’s invasion, its joints can secrete a very unpleasant yellow liquid, which makes the enemy retreat and escape in a hurry because it can’t stand it. It also has a set of ability to die. When it encounters a strong enemy and danger, it immediately falls from the tree to the ground, shrinks its feet under its belly, pretends to lie down and survive without concealing the enemy.

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