Custom seven dragon ball Wukong Lapel Pins

Custom seven dragon ball Wukong Lapel Pins

Seven dragon ball animation, we must be very familiar with it, our company prepared for you, seven dragon ball lapel pins, come to order it! Monkey King, whose real name is kakarot, is the main character of the Japanese cartoon and adapted animation dragon ball series. He is a Saian from vegeta. He was sent to the earth as a child. He was adopted by Wu Daoist sun WuFan and named “Monkey King”. When I was a child, I lost control and became a gorilla. I lived alone in the deep mountain after I stepped on death enlightenment. One day, I got to know girl puma, so I set foot on the big adventure of collecting dragon beads.

Monkey King’s Adventure

Wearing the monkey king’s lapel pins, he came to the earth and met many enemies of the universe. So in order to protect the earth, he used the magic power of the lapel pins to practice hard and fight with the strong enemies constantly, becoming a hero to save the earth and the whole universe. In the seven dragon ball lapel pins, Every warrior has a very powerful energy. Especially in monkey king’s lapel pins, Monkey King’s strong muscles, strong and strong thick arms, with green glasses, will transform seven dragon balls freely in his hands. This kind of very textured Lapel Pin feels very lifelike.

The characteristics of Monkey King’s Lapel Pins

This monkey king lapel pins. Wukong has powerful energy. He is both firm and nostalgic. He has warm eyes and eyes. He is a great hero to save human beings. Apart from our beautiful lapel pins, we can see that he can’t even draw the present bird mountain Ming, right? As a former opponent of Monkey King, today’s good friends, bick and vegeta, we show their expressions in the seven dragon ball lapel pins.

How can I get a seven dragon bead LAPEL PINS?

If you like Japanese anime, please customize it quickly. Our designers put all the feelings they want to express in their lapel pins. We will bring you unexpected surprises. Our various Lapel Pins sell well to other countries because there is no minimum order. At the same time, we can also customize our factory’s other lapel pins, the price is also very favorable.