Custom Seven color rainbow hard enamel pins

Custom Seven color rainbow hard enamel pins

The colorful life is not as beautiful as the rainbow hard enamel pins. Rainbows, as long as there are water drops in the air and the sunlight is shining at a low angle behind the observer, may produce a phenomenon of rainbows that can be observed. Rainbows are most often seen in the afternoon when it just turns sunny after the rain. At this time, there is less dust in the air and full of small water drops. One side of the sky is still dark because there are rain clouds, while the observer’s head or back is not covered by clouds and the sun is visible Light, so that the rainbow will be easier to see. Rainbow is also an optical phenomenon in the weather. When the sunlight shines on the water drop in the air, the light is refracted and reflected, forming an arched seven color spectrum in the sky. From the outer ring to the inner ring, it has seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple.

The principle of rainbow formation

Rainbows are caused by the dispersion and reflection of small water droplets that are nearly spherical when sunlight hits the air. When sunlight enters the water drop, it will incident at different angles at the same time and reflect at different angles in the water drop. Among them, the reflection of 40-42 degrees is the strongest, which makes the rainbow we see. When this kind of reflection is caused, the sunlight enters the water drop, refracts first, then reflects on the back of the water drop, and finally refracts again when leaving the water drop, after a total of two refractions. Because of the dispersion effect of water on light, the refractive index of light with different frequencies is different. The refractive index of red light is smaller than that of blue light, and the deflection angle of blue light is larger than that of red light. Since the light is reflected in the water drop, the spectrum seen by the observer is reversed, with red light at the top and other colors at the bottom. Such a beautiful rainbow hard enamel pins is placed in front of you. Do you like it very much.

Multiple changes of rainbow

When a rainbow appears on an object on the water surface, two mirror arcs from different light paths may appear on the water surface and under the water surface respectively. Their names are slightly different, and if the water surface is calm, the reflected rainbow will appear as a mirror image below the horizon of the water surface. Sunlight is deflected by raindrops before reaching the observer, and then reflected by the water surface. The reflected rainbow, at least part of it, is often seen, even in small puddles. We can often see rainbows near waterfalls. We can also make artificial rainbows by sprinkling or spraying water mist in the air with our backs to the sun in clear weather. In fact, there are countless colors of rainbow, for example, there are many subtle differences between red and orange, but for the sake of simplicity, only seven colors are used as the difference. As a result, rainbow and neon are different in height, and the order of color layers is just the opposite. Rainbow hard enamel pins are exquisitely made, and neon light reflects the magical beauty of rainbow.

If you like rainbow, you can customize it

After the rain, there are colorful rainbow in the sky, just like the wreath of bouquet weaving, which is decorated on the blue skirt lapel. A rainbow appears in the blue sky, all kinds of colors interweave together to create brilliant, just like a golden bridge, lying in the sky with great momentum. This rainbow is like a fairy’s ribbon, a bridge to meet others, as if it can lead you into the mythical world. Like the beauty of rainbow, you can customize rainbow with hard enamel pins. It’s a very fashionable clothing match with exquisite workmanship and generous wearing. I hope our rainbow hard enamel pins can bring you happiness and peace.