Custom series national flag soft Enamel Pins

Custom series national flag soft Enamel Pins

The soft enamel pins of national flag badge is an ornament that must be worn in all kinds of important meetings. The national flag is a kind of national flag and a symbol of the country. It reflects a country’s political characteristics and historical and cultural traditions through certain patterns, colors and patterns. In general, it is not allowed to fly the flags of other countries on the territory of a sovereign state. The colors of national flags in the world mainly include red, white, green, blue, yellow, black, etc. these colors have their own meanings and most of the shapes are rectangular. The national flag may be displayed in important places within the territory of each country; the national flag may be displayed in the offices of embassies, embassies and other diplomatic missions, including consulates general, consulates, offices and Consul General residences. When convening an international conference, the national flags of all participating countries shall be hoisted in the venue. International events such as exhibitions and sports events attended by many countries usually fly the national flags of relevant countries.

Requirements and usage of national flag

In international exchanges, some practices of flying the national flag have been formed, which are recognized by all countries. When the national flag is hung on a building or outdoors, it should be raised at sunrise and lowered at sunset. When it is necessary to hang a flag to mourn, the usual way is to lower the flag by half, i.e. first raise it to the top of the pole, and then lower it to the place where the top of the pole is equivalent to one third of the length of the pole. When raising and lowering the national flag, you should stand upright and take off your hat to pay attention. When raising the national flag, you must raise it to the top of the pole. In accordance with international practice, the national flags of both sides shall be flying from the right to the top and from the left to the bottom. The national flags of the two countries shall be displayed at the same time, subject to the flag’s own orientation, with the guest’s national flag on the right and the national flag on the left. Therefore, the design, style, color and proportion of the soft enamel pins of national flag badge of all countries are stipulated by the constitution of their own countries. If the national flag of different countries is made of the same size and the two flags are put together, it will appear different sizes. Therefore, if the national flag of different proportions is hung side by side, one side should be slightly enlarged or reduced.

The history of the national flag

The national flag of every country is an inevitable product of the growing sense of sovereignty of a country. The first national flag came into being in modern Europe. In the middle ages, the ruling class of European countries took “the heraldry” as the symbol of their families. Later, the ribbon color and the pattern of the heraldry developed into the shape of the national flag. The oldest national flag in the world is the Danish flag, which is called “the strength of the Danes”. The flag ground is red. There is a white cross pattern on the flag surface, slightly to the left. But at that time, the soft enamel pin of the national flag and the national flag badge was not widely used by all countries because of the powerful feudal power and the lack of the sovereignty consciousness of modern countries. With the development of the bourgeois revolution in modern Europe, the consciousness of citizenship and sovereignty rose, and a large number of national flags came into being. The most influential is the French tricolor flag. The red, white and blue tricolor symbolizes the revolutionary belief of equality, freedom and fraternity, which directly affects the revolutionary process and flag design of the surrounding countries.

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