Custom Santa Claus soft Enamel Pins

Custom Santa Claus soft Enamel Pins

Every year, December 25 is Christmas day. It’s a lot of lovely gifts for children. But Santa’s soft enamel pins is the most precious gift they want. It’s said that every year to the night of December 24, a mysterious man will take a ride, flying in the sky by a sled pulled by nine reindeer, entering the house from the chimney door-to-door, and then secretly put the gifts in the socks of a good child’s bed, or pile them under the Christmas tree beside the fireplace. He spent the rest of the year making gifts and supervising children’s behavior. Although no one has ever seen the mysterious man, people will dress up as him to give gifts to children. He is usually described as an old man with a red hat, a big white beard, a red cotton padded coat, red boots on his feet, and a big bag containing gifts. Because he always presents presents on Christmas Eve, he is often called “Santa Claus”.

The origin of Santa Claus

Santa Claus is the allusion of Christian saints from Europe. He has nine reindeer with different names. The biggest trouble is that there are fewer houses with chimneys. Usually parents will explain to their children that the gifts they receive at Christmas are all from Santa Claus. Santa Claus soft Enamel Pins, as a mysterious figure, brings the concept of gifts to children from Saint Nicholas. Nicholas is a charity loving bishop of Asia Minor who lived in the 4th century. The Dutch would imitate him to give gifts on Saint Nicholas Day. It is said that every year, Santa Claus from all over the world will have a “World Santa Claus annual meeting” party, while Santa Claus from Finland never participate in this activity, because they think Santa Claus is a self-evident fact in their own country, and there is no other Santa Claus at all.

Santa Claus in children’s hearts

Every Christmas, Santa Claus rides on reindeer, and the saint child comes to the world with a Christmas tree. Writers and artists began to describe Santa Claus as the image we are familiar with today in red, with white beard. At the same time, different countries and cultures have different explanations for Santa Claus. In many countries, on Christmas Eve, children will prepare empty containers so that Santa Claus can put in some small gifts, such as toys, candy or fruit, Santa Claus soft enamel pins and so on. In the United States, children hang Christmas socks on the fireplace on Christmas Eve, because Santa Claus said that he would come down the chimney and put the presents in the socks on Christmas Eve. They will put some ginger and nut biscuits on the table near the fireplace. It is said that Santa Claus will eat these biscuits as well as bringing gifts. In other countries, children put their empty shoes outside so that Santa can give presents on Christmas Eve. In Germany, it is said that he dressed as a saint and put nuts and apples in children’s shoes. He traveled around in a two wheeled carriage to observe people’s behavior, especially children. If he behaved well, he would get many prizes, such as apples, nuts, sugar, etc. The bad boy is whipped. Parents use this legend to encourage their children to obey.

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