Custom sand dog hard enamel pins

Custom sand dog hard enamel pins

Shapi dog’s hard enamel pin is a favorite decoration for adults and children. Dog is a faithful friend of human beings. You will like it, too. The first dogs were domesticated by wolves. As early as in the era of hunting, people domesticated dogs to be their assistant in hunting. Therefore, dogs are the earliest domesticated livestock of human beings. They have been found in Yuyao, Hemudu and other sites in the Neolithic Age of Zhejiang Province. The use of dog bone lapel pins can prove the long history of dog domestication. The dog bone unearthed from the site has a small skull, protruding frontal bone, small meat split teeth, and curved horizontal edge of the mandible, which is quite different from that of the wolf, indicating that the history of dog domestication is very early indeed. Shapi dog, produced in Dali Town, South China Sea, Guangdong Province, is one of the world’s famous dog fighting species.

The life of the most loyal dog

Shapi dog has a unique body shape. Its head is like a hippopotamus, its mouth is like a tile tube, its eyes are triangular, and its tongue is covered with blue. When it was young, its skin was full of wrinkles, so it is called Shapi dog. In this world, the loyalty of dogs is the most undoubted. Dogs put their owners first in their hearts. No matter the owner is rich or poor, it is very important to see the owner. Even if the owner falls into a dilemma, he will never leave the owner. Some people like dogs. They prefer soft enamel pins. People need a simple, kind and loyal friend to keep a dog. Because the human world is too complex, people need dogs to comfort themselves. And the feelings between people are complex, only permanent interests, no forever friends. Many friends have changed their faces at the moment of interest. Maybe everyone’s life is not easy. When the water is clear, there is no fish. These are understandable. But the hard enamel pin of the sanddog can’t be missing.

The shape of hard enamel pins of Shapi dog

These lovely hard enamel pin of the hound are processed so lifelike by the skillful hand of the designer. Shapi dog’s appearance is: short back, petite body, larger head than body, black nose and dark blue tongue, deeper wrinkles on face and body, better, small and drooping ears. Hair quality and color: the hair is short and hard, growing like a brush. It seems to be a sad looking, sad and dignified hound. In fact, he is very cheerful, lively and playful. These hard enamel pin are lifelike, like a toy. They have big watery eyes, a small black bean like nose, sensitive ears and a long tail. Big eyes are full of joy, tongue is sticking out, and Shapi dog is designed and depicted vividly and delicately. Chubby, meaty, so cute!

Do you need a cute sanddog hard Enamel Pins

If you are a dog lover, how can you do without the hard enamel pin of the hound? Come to customize our hound hard enamel pin. Every delicate hound hard enamel pin is very beautiful. Our hard enamel pin will bring you unexpected happiness. At the same time, we can also customize our factory, other hard enamel pin, the price is also very favorable. All kinds of hard enamel pinin our factory sell well to other countries because there is no minimum order.