Custom sail shaped soft Enamel Pins

Custom sail shaped soft Enamel Pins

The exquisite soft enamel pins in the shape of sailboat, with novel style, is a new visual effect that we bring to you according to the shape and structure of sailboat. Sailboat is a ship that uses wind to move forward. It is an ancient means of water transportation after boat and raft. It has a history of more than 5000 years. According to the number of masts, it can be divided into sloop, ketch and sloop; according to the ship type, it can be divided into flat bottom and pointed bottom; according to the head type, it can be divided into wide head, narrow head and pointed head.

The origin of sailboat

The design idea of the soft enamel pins for Sailboat originated from the ancient people living in Haihe area, a kind of water transportation. In the early 15th century, Zheng He of the Ming Dynasty led a large fleet of ships to the sea seven times, reaching more than 30 countries in Asia and Africa, all of which were wind driven sailboats. Modern sailing began in Holland. In 1660, the mayor of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, gave a sailing boat named “Mary” to King Charles II of England. In 1662, Charles II held a sailing competition between England and Holland. In 1720, the Royal cork sailing club was established in Ireland. In 1851, Britain held the Isle of Wight International Regatta. In 1870, America and Britain held the first American Cup sailing race across the Atlantic Ocean. There are two types of sailing boats, i.e. steady sailing boats and keel sailing boats. It is light and flexible, and can run in shallow water.

The power principle of sailboat

We know that when the air flows fast, the object blocking it at the front will be impacted by the air. The pressure generated by this impact is called dynamic pressure. When sailing along the wind, it is the dynamic pressure of air on the sails that pushes the sails forward. According to Bernoulli’s principle of “increase of velocity and decrease of pressure”, when air flows in one direction, the force acting on its side will be relatively reduced. That is to say, the greater the gas flow speed, the greater the dynamic pressure and the smaller the static pressure. The lower the velocity, the smaller the dynamic pressure and the larger the static pressure. Wear sailboat soft enamel pins, go to break the waves!

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