Custom Russian double headed eagle icon hard enamel pins

Custom Russian double headed eagle icon hard enamel pins

A Russian Soviet hard enamel pins shows the noble temperament of the soldiers. Russian Empire is short for Russia, Russia, tsarist Russia, tsarist Russia or imperial Russia. It was a Russian state after Peter I was crowned emperor in 1721, and until the abdication of Nicholas II in 1917. It is also the last monarchy in Russian history, ruled by Romanov Dynasty. The Empire had 125.6 million people, reaching 165.7 million by 1914, the third most populous country in the world at that time. In 1547, Ivan IV, the Grand Duke of Moscow, was crowned czar and Russia was born. In 1721, Peter I was awarded the title of “emperor of all Russia” by the Russian Senate after he won the Great Northern War with the kingdom of Sweden. It reached its peak in the late 18th century under Catherine II.

Introduction to Russia

Russia covers an area of 22.88 million square kilometers, 42% of the area of Europe and Asia, 1 / 22 of the whole earth area and 1 / 6 of the land area of the earth. The Russian Empire was one of the European powers at that time. It was not until the failure of the Crimean War in the middle of the 19th century that the disadvantages of Russian Serfdom system appeared, which led to Russia’s economic development, social development and industrialization lagging behind other European powers. Although Alexander II carried out Russian Serfdom reform in 1861, it was not thorough. In 1904, it failed again in the war between Japan and Russia in which imperialism fought for the sphere of influence. In August 1914, Russia participated in the first World War, which led to the February Revolution in 1917. Nicholas II signed a declaration of abdication. The Russian Empire was destroyed and the Russian Republic was founded. But in the same year, it was overthrown by Bolsheviks through the October Revolution and replaced by Soviet Russia. The design of Russian hard enamel pins reflects the bravery and style of the soldiers.

The national emblem of the Russian Federation is a shield design

On November 30, 1993, Russia decided to adopt the national emblem in the era of Ivan Reid before the October Revolution, with the double headed eagle as the pattern: a golden double headed eagle on the red shield, three crowns of Peter the great on the eagle’s head, and the eagle’s claws holding the scepter and golden ball symbolizing the monarchy. On the eagle’s chest was a small shield, on which was a knight and a white horse. The origin of the double headed eagle can be traced back to the 15th century AD. The double headed eagle was the emblem of Constantine I of Byzantine Empire. The Byzantine Empire once straddled the border of Europe and Asia. It looked at the southeast of Europe in the West and the west of Asia in the East. It symbolized the unity between the two continents and the unity of various nationalities. In the process of the declining of the eastern Rome Empire, the two European powers introduced the double headed eagle pattern into their national emblem, and also made a lot of hard enamel pins for their own people. We can show that we are the legitimate successors of the ancient Roman Empire. After the fall of Constantinople, the Habsburg royal family in Austria also turned the double headed eagle into the main body of the Royal emblem, showing their status as the royal family of the Holy Roman Empire. In some regions of Germany, the royal families used the double headed eagle sign to show their close relationship with the Habsburg royal family.

Where can I customize the Russian double headed eagle icon hard enamel pins

The emperor of Russia, in order to save the backward ethnic groups, awaken the new ideas of Russia, and create a country of new culture. Russia’s empire has only existed for less than 200 years. In this period, Russia has developed from a backward and poor country to a powerful military empire. If you want to make a hard enamel pins for Russian double headed eagle, please come to our company, which will bring you the extraordinary temperament of military personnel. At the same time, we have a lot of other hard enamel necklaces, the price is also very favorable. Our various hard enamel pins are sold to other countries, because there is no minimum order quantity, so we will bring you the best design of hard enamel pins.