Custom round fine pattern soft Enamel Pins

Custom round fine pattern soft Enamel Pins

Beautiful pattern soft enamel pins, wearing on the chest will leave a good impression on others. Soft enamel pin, also known as brooch, is an ornament that can be worn all year round. Wearing a delicate and eye-catching brooch on the chest can not only attract attention and give people aesthetic feeling, but also strengthen or weaken the attention of a certain part of the appearance, so as to achieve the aesthetic effect of clothing and jewelry, which complement each other. There are many kinds of soft enamel pins. The brooch is not inlaid with precious stones. Its design is mainly based on the design of some natural objects, such as the head portrait, flag, boat, bird, Zodiac image, etc. The brooch inlaid with precious stones mainly includes many diamond brooches, many emerald brooches, and many brooches of various kinds of precious stones, as well as the patterns of circle, ellipse, square, rectangle, trapezoid, basket and random shapes, which are matched with all kinds of precious stones.

Difference between exquisite soft enamel pins and badge

The badge, in short, is a symbol of identity and occupation worn on the body, and the brooch is also known as the brooch. It is a kind of jewelry that is attached to clothes with a hook. It can also be considered as a decorative pins. This information comes from European jewelry. Soft enamel pins, matching with clothing. The matching and harmony of clothing should be considered for the quality, color and position of pins. Generally speaking, when wearing a suit, you can choose a larger brooch, which is also better in material and pure in color. When you wear a shirt or a thin sweater, you can wear a brooch with novel style and small size. We have many kinds of round soft enamel pins for you to choose from.

How to wear round soft Enamel Pins

It varies according to the season. Due to the different seasons, the clothing will change accordingly. The soft Enamel Pins selected will also be different. In summer, light Brooch should be worn; in winter, a large brooch with exquisite style and rich material should be worn; in spring and autumn, a green or golden soft enamel pins can be worn in harmony with the natural color.

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