Custom respiratory organ lung soft Enamel Pins

Custom respiratory organ lung soft Enamel Pins

Lung is not only the respiratory organ of human body, but also the important hematopoietic organ of human body. It is located in the chest, with one on the left and one on the right, covering the heart. The purpose of making lung soft enamel pins is to improve the awareness of lung protection. The lung is an organ that exchanges gas with the outside world in the respiratory system. The respiratory system can be divided into two parts: respiratory tract and lung. The main function of respiratory tract is to carry out gas transmission, including nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea, main bronchus and all levels of bronchus in the lung. The lung is composed of alveoli, all levels of bronchus in the lung and lung interstitium, which has a single fighting momentum. The lung can provide oxygen to the body through its external breathing function, and expel the carbon dioxide produced by tissues and cells from the body.

Physiological and anatomical structure of lung

Look at the structure of our clothing suddenly from the pins, that is, the blunt circle at the upper end of the lung is called the apex of the lung, and it goes up through the upper mouth of the thorax into the root of the neck. The bottom is above the diaphragm. The opposite side of the costal and costal space is called the costal side, and the side facing the mediastinum is called the inner side. The access of the bronchus, blood vessels, lymphatics and nerves in the center of the face is called the pulmonary hilus. These structures of the access to the pulmonary hilus are wrapped together by the connective tissue Lung root. The left lung is divided into upper and lower lobes by oblique fissure, while the right lung is divided into upper, middle and lower lobes by horizontal fissure besides oblique fissure. The lung is based on the bronchial tree formed by the repeated branches of the bronchi. The branches of bronchi and alveoli are filled with connective tissue stroma. Blood vessels, lymphatics and nerves are distributed in connective tissue with the branches of bronchi. There are abundant capillary networks in the interstitium between the alveoli. The capillary membrane and the alveoli form the respiratory membrane together. The gas exchange between the blood and the alveoli can only be carried out through the respiratory membrane. Therefore, the alveoli are an important part of lung respiration.

Function and function of clothing

The main function of the lung is to breathe, which is very important for the human body. The lung is the place where the body exchanges gas. Only through the respiratory function of the lung, can the fresh air be inhaled and the turbid gas be exhaled to ensure the normal operation of life. As the most important organ in the respiratory system, lung is the link between human body and nature. Its main function is to transport the oxygen needed by the body to the capillaries, and discharge the carbon dioxide in the blood out of the body, so as to maintain human life. In addition, the lungs are filters that remove viruses and bacteria. People can’t choose the air they inhale. When oxygen enters the lungs together with the gas mixed with viruses and bacteria, the lungs will spontaneously filter these gases. To improve the protection of clothing, we should always wear soft enamel pins, which can remind our attention at any time.

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