Custom red sun soft Enamel Pins

Custom red sun soft Enamel Pins

If you have a red sun soft enamel pins on your clothes, you will be happy all day. The sun is the center of the solar system, accounting for 99.86% of the total mass of the solar system. The eight planets, asteroids, meteors, comets, outer planets and interstellar dust in the solar system all revolve around the sun, while the sun revolves around the center of the galaxy. The sun is a star in the center of the solar system. It is almost an ideal sphere interwoven by hot plasma and magnetic field. The diameter of the sun is about 1392000 (1.392 × 10 ⁶) km, equivalent to 109 times of the diameter of the earth; its volume is about 1.3 million times of the earth; its mass is about 2 × 10 3 ⁰ kg. In terms of chemical composition, about three-quarters of the mass of the sun is now hydrogen, and the rest is almost helium, including oxygen, carbon, neon, iron and other heavy elements with a mass of less than 2%. Light and heat are released into space by nuclear fusion.

A brief introduction to the sun

The sun is a yellow dwarf. The life span of the yellow dwarf is about 10 billion years. At present, the sun is about 4.57 billion years old. After about 5 to 6 billion years, the hydrogen in the sun will be consumed almost completely, and the core of the sun will collapse, resulting in temperature rise, which will continue until the sun begins to gather helium into carbon. Although helium fusion produces less energy than hydrogen fusion, it is also hotter, so the outer layer of the sun will expand and release part of the outer atmosphere into space. At the end of the process of turning to new elements, the mass of the sun will drop slightly, and the outer layer will extend to the earth, or the current orbit of Mars. At this time, due to the decline of the mass of the sun, the two planets will be further away from the sun. So the sun soft enamel pins is a very meaningful clothing accessories.

The survival and evolution of the sun

The sun formed about 4.57 billion years ago in a collapsed cloud of hydrogen molecules. The time of the sun’s formation is measured in two ways: the sun’s current age in the main sequence zone, which is estimated to be 4.57 billion years using computer models of stellar evolution and primary nuclear synthesis. This is very consistent with the fact that the oldest material of the sun obtained by the radiometric dating method is 4.567 billion years. The sun has reached its middle age in the evolutionary stage of its main sequence, during which the nuclear fusion is to gather hydrogen into helium at the core. More than 4 million tons of matter are converted into energy in the sun’s core every second, producing neutrinos and solar radiation. At this rate, so far, the sun has transformed about 100 earth mass materials into energy, and the total time spent by the sun on the main sequence belt is about 10 billion years. Have sun soft enamel pins, there will be good luck.

How can you get the sun soft Enamel Pins

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