Custom racing hand soft Enamel Pins

Custom racing hand soft Enamel Pins

The most exciting sport in the world should be car racing. If you have a soft enamel pins for car racing, it must be the happiest thing. Motor racing can be divided into two categories, field racing and non field racing. Its origin has a history of more than 100 years. The first race was on the roads between cities. In 1904, motor racing began to find that it can no longer be organized solely by local car clubs, which may not be unified enough in the control of rules. Under this idea, some of the most influential car clubs decided to establish an international organization in France, which designated the rules of passage, and used the soft enamel pins of motor racing as the competition marks, Later, it gradually applied to the car race all over the world. Because many drivers lost their lives because of the great danger of road race, professional race track came into being. The first race was held in Paris on April 20, 1887.

Competition classification of international car racing

Formula racing is a kind of car field competition. The racing car must be manufactured in accordance with the procedures specified in the technical rules for vehicles formulated and issued by the International Automobile Federation, including body structure, length and width, minimum weight, engine working volume, number of cylinders, fuel tank capacity, electronic equipment, distance and size of tires, etc. Formula cars are built in different ways. Formula 1, f-3000, F-3, Asian formula, infinite formula, Ford formula, Renault formula, kart formula, etc. These racing cars are inseparable from the soft enamel pins.

Formula one

The Grand Prix is the fastest, the most expensive, the most technologically advanced race in the world. It’s the most beautiful race for the soft enamel pins of racing car. It’s also the highest level race in formula one. The first racetrack in the world was held in Merron, France, in 1900. The modern world Formula One Championship started in 1950 at Silverstone racetrack in the UK. Now it holds 18 competitions every year. In 2004, Shanghai, China participated in the competition, which is arranged by the International Automobile Federation. Among the numerous automobile competitions, as the world championship, it is contested by the world’s car racers. The annual World Championship of soft enamel pins for car racing is the first two events to be put into formula one and the World Rally Championship.

Custom racing hand enamel pins for your race

Let’s move every racer’s heart with sincerity. I wish them the best in every competition. Every time I wear a racing hand enamel pins, I feel very warm. It is a cultural display to wear a racing hand enamel pins on the chest of the athletes. Please come to our company to order soft enamel pins for racing cars, which will bring you unexpected surprises. At the same time, we can also customize our factory, other soft enamel pins, the price is very preferential. Our various soft enamel pins are of high quality and have no minimum order.