Custom quiet and elegant lotus soft Enamel Pins

Custom quiet and elegant lotus soft Enamel Pins

In the world of lotus, dreams are fragrant. Every lotus soft enamel pins contains a wonderful paradise. We walk in the fragrant and clean lotus, and the secular dust gradually drifts away. Facing a pool of green water, facing a pool of lotus, my heart is slowly calm. There are many kinds of lotus, including ornamental and edible. It is native to the tropical and temperate regions of Asia and has been cultivated in China as early as the Zhou Dynasty. Lotus is full of treasures. Lotus root and lotus seed can be eaten. Lotus seed, rhizome, nodus, lotus leaf, flower and embryo of seed can be used as medicine. Its character of leaving sludge without dyeing is always praised by the world. Lotus flower expresses from worry to pure, because it grows in the mud and blooms on the water. Sludge is the worrisome world, but the lotus flower washed by water is quiet, colorless, bright and free.

What is the variety of lotus

Lotus is a symbol of purity and purity, and represents a person of high moral character. Lotus comes from the earth. It is a noble character. It has always been an example for people to learn from, and it is regarded as a symbol of purity and purity. Because the lotus flowers are gorgeous, fragrant and green, it is very elegant, so people all think that the lotus is a flower of high moral character. We have a group of lotus soft enamel pins composed of green lotus and egret, which are collected by many literati in their own hands, so the symbolic meaning of lotus is also clean.

The origin of lotus

In the Neolithic Age of 56000 B.C., with the emergence of farming culture, human beings began to have a further understanding of lotus. Called “living fossil”, it is one of the earliest angiosperms. Before the advent of man. About 100000 years ago, most of the earth was covered by oceans, lakes and swamps. At that time, in order to meet the demand of water for living, people generally settled in the riverside lakes or marshes with natural springs, which are the main distribution areas of wild lotus. From the unearthed cultural relics: the house foundation site of Yangshao culture excavated in Dahe village, north of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, found carbonized grain and two lotus seeds on the indoor table. According to the determination, it has a history of 5000 years. In the continuous production and labor, human beings have accumulated a wealth of perceptual knowledge about the growing habits and living environment of lotus flowers. Lotus soft Enamel Pin lays a good foundation for the generation and development of ancient lotus culture.

Do you want the lotus soft enamel pins with quiet and elegant mind?

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