Custom Princess and Prince Charming hard enamel pins

Custom Princess and Prince Charming hard enamel pins

Every girl is a princess of her parents, and every boy is a prince charming when he grows up. We make all kinds of beautiful princess and Prince Charming hard enamel pins for you. Princess is the title of the imperial daughter, the Royal daughter and the patriarchal daughter in ancient China. It is mainly called Princess for short, and the male title corresponding to princess is king. Prince charming is a kind of character in Western fairy tales. Usually the prince appears and rescues the girl in distress, the most typical is to release her from the evil magic. In many traditional folk stories, heroes are endowed with the characteristics of prince charming. Nowadays, Prince Charming can be used to refer to the handsome, rich and capable men that young girls or young women meet in their dreams. The man fell in love with her at first sight and made up his mind that she would not marry her. He went through fire and water for her, overcome numerous difficulties and finally won her heart.

Foreign Princess system

1. Princess Koryo, Koryo, is now Korea. During the period of the Gaoli Dynasty, the daughter of the king of Gaoli was named princess, palace Lord, house owner, Weng Lord, and palace owner, such as Princess Lelang, Jiqing palace owner, sui’an house owner, Changning Weng Lord, Tianshou palace owner, etc., but the grade difference or qualification of the titles were not clear.

2. The princess of Korea. During the Korean Dynasty, the king’s first daughter was granted the title of princess, and the commoner’s daughter was granted the title of Lord Weng. Wang Shizi’s first daughter granted princes and common daughters as county leaders. The first daughter of the clan is the prince of the county, and the second daughter is the prince of the county.

3. Princess of Japan,The daughter and granddaughter of the Japanese Princess and the Japanese Emperor are called “the inner Prince”, and the three generations are called “the Queen”. Because of some translation errors, the “XX Ji” written by the daughters of ordinary senior officials in Japan should be translated into a princess, which should be translated into a miss and a daughter.

4. Princess in Europe, the title of daughter, sister, aunt and daughter of other members of the royal family in the constitutional monarchy of Europe, is translated into princess, sometimes into Princess and Princess according to their intimate relationship with the monarch. In addition, some women who are not directly related to the monarch sometimes have Princess hard enamel pins with various titles to represent their identities.

Social evaluation of Prince Charming

Prince charming, mostly hereditary or simple inheritance, rather than relying on their own efforts. And the real King Arthur is not so, all by himself. Please see the scene and plot in the film “King Arthur”: Arthur, who was separated from his family during the war, was adopted and became a humble worker. But the magician predicted that he would be the holy British monarch, and he himself confirmed this prediction with “sword in the stone”. Arthur had both power and ambition. He was not willing to be in turmoil. He vowed to overthrow the brutal rule of the Romans over Great Britain and build a new home. Arthur’s bravery and extraordinary spirit inspired some outstanding knights. All members of the organization had the magic of the prince’s hard enamel pins. Every fighter was invincible. Arthur finally succeeded in creating the kingdom of Great Britain, and gwynaville, the leader of the noble and beautiful women of another rebel army who he did not understand at first, became his queen. Of course, this is just Hollywood’s eight part routine. However, it is said that King Arthur is very brave, wise, resolute, magnanimous and farsighted.

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